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  1. Hi, I've been a Sonar/Cakewalk user for many years and love the product! One of the reasons I just bought a Cambridge 50 was for the ability to use the audio interface. In the Vox demo, they were using Logic, which allowed them to select the Vox interface as the track input, and a different device for the output. i.e. The main interface for the DAW. Cakewalk only allows a single device for both input and output. Any chance we could get that Logic feature in Cakewalk?
  2. Hey David, Thank you so much! That worked. Candidly, I didn't know there was a mute tool, but I found it fairly quickly. That will save me a ton of time and frustration. I wouldn't say that was the most intuitive function, but I'm glad there is a resolution to my problem. I really appreciate your quick response. Best regards, Nigel
  3. When I loop a section and select a punch-in point, everything before that point ghosts out on all of the previous take lanes on that track as soon as I hit record. The ghosted clips do not respond to unmute. . When I select them with the comping tool, there is no sound from those clips. There is no event in the history that I can undo. Undo will only take me back to prior to hitting record, which does activate those clips, but that doesn't help me unless I record the punch-in on a new track. That's how I'm working around it for now. Copying the clip to a new track doesn't work either. It's still ghosted on the new track. At that point, the only thing I can do is re-record the ghosted part. It's VERY frustrating. Does anyone know how to rectify or avoid this problem? Is anyone else having this problem? Thanks, Nigel
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