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  1. Same here. Unable to update 2021.1 Update 1.
  2. Very nice video, good voice, good sound - so overall a very good production. I like it!!
  3. Because the meter next to the fader shows the output gain, not the input signal.
  4. The same issue here as BJ Walraven and Matthew Sorrels with Drum Replacer. ☹️
  5. Hi, for me this is wasted space of the EQ curve from the ProChannel. Because many of them are not used at all or only displayed statically. In my opinion it would make more sense to use the space for a VU meter to have an overview of the input levels at any time. See left side of the picture. This is also good for gainstaging. What do you think?
  6. Harry C.

    Lucky Me

    I like the casual feeling of the song, cool!
  7. Harry C.

    Get On Your Feet

    This is really a well balanced production. I like the intro. Good job!
  8. I think the song could be mixed better, then this one would certainly be great. Especially the drums need a revision. What do you think?
  9. Harry C.


    Not my taste of music. Concerning the mix, this one could be a bit more airy, if you understand what I mean.
  10. Hey Jesse, i think it is a bit too experimental, especially the vocals 🤔
  11. Okay... impressive version of the song in view of a worldwide cooperation. Because of me, the bass guitar could be heard a little more clearly, the keyboard maybe a little quieter. But the keyboard was already too loud for me in the original track. It's just a question of personal taste. Otherwise also cool solos. Good work guys! Where the hell do you get the original drum track?
  12. Hi, i have problems with the installation. With the bandlab assistant the percentage display runs up to 100%, then flashes Installing..., but nothing happens. Not even after 10 minutes. Otherwise the installation was finished after one minute. (German version). The old 2020.05 still works.
  13. Personal Jesus: With a different mix you could work out more of the rocking in the song. That way it sounds a little lifeless.
  14. @freddy jThank you Freddy for listening to the song. You as a connoisseur of the 70's music I appreciate your kind words even more. @Old JoadThanks for listening, I don't know the tubes, probably wasn't my style of music then, but I will listen to it sometime. @Starise I appreciate your honesty words, Starise. Unfortunately, you're right that real handmade music is not very popular these days. Thanks for your kind words. Long live Rock'n Roll, @David Sprouse
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