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  1. Hey thanks a lot scook. You're right, it works. I was relying on all the other variables that are inserted to also display the example text correctly. But anyway, now I know that it works. Thanks Sir.
  2. Have you checked this? When i select the export category 'Clips' the name of the exported file of the selection is clips.wav! Strange.
  3. Hi, i have a clip named Drums and i want to export it. I create a preset which contains only {clipname}. So i want to export only the clip with the existing label 'drums'. What is exported is only ' .wav' file. So the name of the clip is missing and can't be taken over automatically. Am i doing something wrong?
  4. Harry C.


    @emeraldsoul Hi Tom, we're glad you liked the video. As you correctly pointed out, there is nothing "satanic" about the song. The lady at the beginning, sitting in the dark candlelight and pulling her cape out of her face, some people even find romantic... It's all a matter of opinion. Yes, it is a christian lyric and you can call it christian rock. That is correct. Well, the Festival of Lights footage is mine, taken in Berlin last summer. So thank you very much for dedicating your time to the song. All the best.
  5. Harry C.


    @garybrun although it's not your genre i appreciate you taking the time to listen to the song. At the end of the song the vocals move away like the shadows at sunset move further away from the object. So it was exactly the intention to mix it like that :)
  6. Harry C.


    @jack c. and @wookie Thank you guys for listening and commenting. I wish you a happy easter. @David Sprouse David we are glad you like the production, and yes, it did take some time, about 4-5 months. However, I must say that we did not always have time for it and therefore could not work on it every day. Happy Easter.
  7. Harry C.


    @Ruralrocker2010 Thanks Ruralrocker2010 for listening and analyzing the song in detail. You gave us valuable pointers that we will certainly pay more attention to from now on. Thanks for your time you invested for us. We wish you a happy easter, buddy.
  8. Harry C.


    Hi KurtS, thanks for listening to the song. I have to check the vocals and timing again, I haven't noticed anything so far. But that's how it is, the more you listen to the song, the more you get used to it. Also to inconsistencies. Therefore, this forum is good to learn what other ears notice. Thanks again.
  9. Harry C.


    Since my last song here from summer 2020, I have again produced a new song together with leadfoot. We would be very happy to hear your opinion about the song and the mix. Thank you guys.
  10. Hey batsbrew, Great sound, interesting and varied played, I like it very much. Everything fits perfectly, you can not do anything better... except maybe add a good rock singer :)
  11. Same here. Unable to update 2021.1 Update 1.
  12. Very nice video, good voice, good sound - so overall a very good production. I like it!!
  13. Because the meter next to the fader shows the output gain, not the input signal.
  14. The same issue here as BJ Walraven and Matthew Sorrels with Drum Replacer. ☹️
  15. Hi, for me this is wasted space of the EQ curve from the ProChannel. Because many of them are not used at all or only displayed statically. In my opinion it would make more sense to use the space for a VU meter to have an overview of the input levels at any time. See left side of the picture. This is also good for gainstaging. What do you think?
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