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  1. This is really a good sounding song, coherent in itself. I especially like the bass sound and the voice as it was mixed, with that certain shimmer, if you know what I mean. Very good work, I like it a lot.
  2. Hi Leadfoot, i like the song and the mix very much. Your extraordinary voice and the singing melody appeal to me. I get goose bumps when i hear you sing. Fantastic! Maybe you'd like to sing in one of my songs?
  3. Harry C.

    Losing Hope

    Hi Freddy, thanks for your nice comment, but why do you think this is a metal song?
  4. Until now it was possible to copy a track from one project to another track of a new project, if both projects are open inside cakewalk. Unfortunately this is not possible with the current 2020.05 version. Am I doing something wrong or can someone check it?
  5. Harry C.

    Losing Hope

    Thanks a lot babu for listening. Yes the harmony singing is always a big thing for me. I wish I could choose the best singer for each song. Thanks again.
  6. I like the mix very much, the music is varied and it is fun to listen to. Always curious what's coming. Absolutely to my taste. Hats off, buddy!!👍
  7. Harry C.

    Losing Hope

    Thanks Wookie for listening 🙂
  8. Harry C.

    Losing Hope

    Thanks Lynn for the kindly words. I hope you enjoyed the one or other video from me.
  9. I think the song is everything else but not insignificant 😀 A very good production, balanced mix and good played instruments.
  10. Hello Lynn, overall a good song. What i would rework is the kick which is a bit matchy and then the Hihat could be a bit quieter, especially in the beginning. But as always, it's all a matter of taste.
  11. Harry C.

    Losing Hope

    Thank you Doug for taking time to listen the song. I'm glad the mix is right for you.
  12. I like the song overall very much , your guitar work and your vocals are outstanding. Good job.
  13. Very cool video, good mix for this genre. I like the bass guitar!
  14. Unfortunately the link doesn't work anymore, it would have been nice to hear the song.
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