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  1. Harry C.

    Lucky Me

    I like the casual feeling of the song, cool!
  2. Harry C.

    Get On Your Feet

    This is really a well balanced production. I like the intro. Good job!
  3. I think the song could be mixed better, then this one would certainly be great. Especially the drums need a revision. What do you think?
  4. Harry C.


    Not my taste of music. Concerning the mix, this one could be a bit more airy, if you understand what I mean.
  5. Hey Jesse, i think it is a bit too experimental, especially the vocals 🤔
  6. Okay... impressive version of the song in view of a worldwide cooperation. Because of me, the bass guitar could be heard a little more clearly, the keyboard maybe a little quieter. But the keyboard was already too loud for me in the original track. It's just a question of personal taste. Otherwise also cool solos. Good work guys! Where the hell do you get the original drum track?
  7. Hi, i have problems with the installation. With the bandlab assistant the percentage display runs up to 100%, then flashes Installing..., but nothing happens. Not even after 10 minutes. Otherwise the installation was finished after one minute. (German version). The old 2020.05 still works.
  8. Personal Jesus: With a different mix you could work out more of the rocking in the song. That way it sounds a little lifeless.
  9. @freddy jThank you Freddy for listening to the song. You as a connoisseur of the 70's music I appreciate your kind words even more. @Old JoadThanks for listening, I don't know the tubes, probably wasn't my style of music then, but I will listen to it sometime. @Starise I appreciate your honesty words, Starise. Unfortunately, you're right that real handmade music is not very popular these days. Thanks for your kind words. Long live Rock'n Roll, @David Sprouse
  10. Hi Michael, i like your guitar sound on this song and the mix is good for this song. I can't find any inconsistencies everything is balanced. Good job, guys.
  11. @ABull: Thanks Allan for listening and I'm glad that you like the guitar tone. @Leadfoot: I am already looking forward to the next project 🎸 -if you want buddy- 🙂
  12. @tonemangler: I agree. Thank you for listening. @DeeringAmps: Thank you for taking time to listen. The kick has no extra treatment than the rest of the drum kit.
  13. Harry C.


    A nice chilly song with a balanced sound, maybe the lead guitar a bit reserved. Good work.
  14. @garybrun: Yes you are right, the mix is flat ... the first 30 sec. 😉
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