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  1. Thanks for all the help. Problem solved (sort of). I tried attaching the mixer to an audio interface and plugged that into the laptop and the noises stopped recording. I guess the Yamaha mixer by itself was causing it.
  2. Hello. I'm new to cakewalk and every time I try to record anything it also picks up the audio from all the other tracks and I cant seem to get it to stop. There's nothing I can find online about it. All I want to do is to record a clean track without it picking up all the noises from the other tracks like the metronome and anything else that's playing. It even records random noises from notifications and websites. I've used several other DAW's and this is the only one that I've used that does that. Usually all the other DAW's only record what u wanna record and doesn't pick up all the other junk noises. I have a yamaha mg16xu plugged into my computer via usb if that makes any difference. The picture shows how its essentially cloning the top track when I record. I am not playing any instrument or have a mic plugged in. It's simply re-recording everything that plays back. Please help. Thank You.
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