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  1. Gary Shore

    104.48 BPM to 104??

    Hey Mark!! Great to see you and David posted over here man!!Have to thank you both again for all your help over here back when I was getting a sense of things.... You know Karl Rose's series of great tutorials you mentioned/linked above are among my go-to's for everything related to the DAW,in fact have some folders in my email just set up w/specific ones of these I've studied w/links/timestamps/info(actually posted my notes/timestamps for one of his ASP tutorials here on Cakewalk Discuss a while back...) Appreciate the heads up as well as knowing that like David you're still actively involved over here..
  2. Gary Shore

    104.48 BPM to 104??

    Hey David!! Really appreciate you posting over here man..as always great to know people like yourself who know everything there is to know about the DAW are available to check things with.... Thanks for taking the time to post your suggestions for how to effect this-am familiar w/the stuff you went into but haven't gotten into working w/it for a while,hadn't been thinking in terms of it,appreciate the heads up.... Decided that for this project since there isn't a lot of editing(=markers)involved,just going to leave things as is but for future projects where this is a factor will definitely be considering/getting into these kinds of things.... Again much thanks for sharing your knowledge....
  3. Gary Shore

    104.48 BPM to 104??

    Greetings to all,back over here to get some info about how to do this... Just set up a new project and when going to put markers at the beg of each 8 bar section I noticed beat 1 was showing up as beat 2.88 etc....wondering how to do this so I'll be able to negotiate around the project without being thrown off by bars being ahead of where they actually are in the form on the Time Ruler/in the transport BPM display.... Not sure what process is involved...set the BPM initially using SPFC/ASP with all tracks selected...was thinking because there was some slight time shifting on the snare/kick vs.the hi-hat straight 8th's,I'd be able to fix this by reselecting the hi-hat and repeating the SPFC/ASP proc but the BPM didn't change.....no doubt my processes in putting the track together reflected an actual BPM of 104.48 re-Cakewalk's internal metronome.... Anyways..as always,any/all info about this greatly appreciated!!
  4. Hey thx for pointing this out man!!Didn't notice the setting re-# of changes and do a lot of editing/move-paste type stuff that has it saving excessively....going to check this out and think that'll make a difference.....
  5. Wonder if anyone here knows about the difference between the time you set for this to take place(i.e.every 30 min.) and what actually happens(about every 5 min.)and what's involved re-what you have in given project(number of tracks/plug-ins/MIDI/Melodyne etc)and how this affects things...notice when I start a project it follows the Preferences setting then gradually .....???
  6. Appreciate you taking the time to reply w/the link and info about HPF usage in general....actually looking for more specific info about how this stuff works on the master bus where only some buses are set up to go to the sidechain input and have this HPF applied....
  7. Greetings to everyone -been a minute but again want to thank all the people who invariably take the time to help me figure things out whenever I post over here.... Looking at master bus processing and have been trying to figure out the type of thing that goes on when you activate the sidechain function/set a given HPF frequency and set up the sidechain send from a given bus to the master.... My focus has been on the difference between compressor types that have a switchable on/off HPF function w/out this being connected to sidechaining vs.how things work w/the PC4K S-Type Bus Compr re- If I'm understanding things correctly,instead of the usual sidechain approach where- a given bus is set up to be ducked in relation to another(i.e.bass sidechained to kick) where a compressor is set up on the bass bus then sidechained to the kick bus w/a send from it going to the sidechain compressor on the bass bus and where all the compressor settings are set up for sidechaining .... Here on the other hand,in the case of a master bus approach w/all the buses routed to it,only HPF is involved in the sidechaining;although the same "send to sidechain from individual bus"approach is involved,since it's the master bus w/all buses going to it,would I be correct that- The compressor settings apply to all the tracks + only the specific buses set up w/sidechaining trigger this HPF effect (resulting in compression being inactive on the given frequency range just for these),while the other buses routed to the master not set up w/sidechaining have the same frequency range ID'd for HPF on the ones set up for sidechaining unaffected by this HPF and consequently recieve compression over the whole frequency range? Or does setting up the sidechain/HPF for a given bus mean that this is applied across the board to all signals going into the master bus,so all buses are only compressed in the same frequency range above the HPF?
  8. Which version are you using?Mine is Studio 4.2.4....spent any time w/the Sound Editor?
  9. Hey Bill!! Man I'm really glad you posted as I'd completely forgotten about our discussions re-Melodyne..been busy w/tons of projects but had I thought of this I would have gotten in touch w/you as I just started working w/Melodyne a week or so and could really use your input on things...how's everything been going? Any ideas about the first part of this thread re-markers in Melodyne?Been using the Cycle start point to act as a kind of workaround marker but if there's something else I should know about please let me know....the Starting Point Tool in the Note Assignment mode is something I'd like to be able to use in the Note Editor if this can be done.... BTW re- Not sure what you mean... my understanding of things is that it creates a new clip w/the Melodyne changes "set in stone"so to speak which is then editable as usual(re-Scook and other people's replies elsewhere)....appreciate further clarification along w/any Melodyne tips you might have.... Also,there's an online Melodyne Masterclass on 8/29 if you want more info...
  10. I'm glad to hear this man!!Will most definitely be checking everything with you as I'm just getting into the more advanced aspects of working with it.... Will post some more once I get a chance to go over your reply completely......
  11. Promidi- Again much thanks for taking the time to reply to my threads over here;looking forward to taking some time to do some online research/Ref Guide study etc to be able to understand the various concepts you mention,some of which(StudioWare,key bindings used in this context)I'm not familiar with.....as well as the ability to create custom-made CAL scripts;this is all "the next level"for me as I'm just finding out about CAL scripts and thx to the excellent online info I've found(i.e.pdf by Scott Garrigus etc)will be adding this kind of thing to my overall CW skill set.... In terms of- would appreciate more info about why this is... I'd been thinking of using both after studying some tutorials,for ex.liked the idea of using the Quantize MIDI FX to set a group of selected notes to a given note value,being able to set up an overall percentage reduction/increase for the Duration/Velocity parameters using the Event Inspector as well as getting a better sense of how to work with the Event Filter in a similar context.... BTW re-my thread last week about "Console View/Screensets',found out from one of the FB Cakewalk groups that all I had to do was make sure the box at the bottom of the Track Manager setting up sync between the Track/Console Views was checked,however appreciate your heads up about Lenses in this context as I rely on using screensets 24-7,am focused on unlocking/locking them before leaving one to go to another if I've made any changes,and will be reviewing Lenses as this is something I looked at when initially learning about the DAW but haven't actually done anything with since then,not sure what setting I'm using and which of the various options might be better for a given situation.......
  12. Gary Shore

    MIDI editing options

    Interested in hearing about what processes people here use to edit MIDI tracks in terms of things like velocity/duration for a complete section (vs.single note editing).... Given the option of using the Event Inspector on the Control Bar,the MIDI FX plugins,the CAL scripts or the Event Filter,which do you prefer and why? (This would be for MIDI tracks where the PRV velocity process using selecting an area in the Time Ruler then being able to affect the velocity of a group of notes wouldn't really produce the intended results....)
  13. Appreciate your continued feedback here man-will be posting here on the same subject as I get into working with this and it would be great to be able to keep "this line of communication" open..... BTW re-Melodyne markers focus-wonder if there's a workaround as it doesn't seem to allow for the same kind of Time Ruler markers we rely on in Cakewalk-been thinking of using the "Cycle"option(i.e.setting up loop/repeated section)which can be adjusted precisely to override whatever Time Grid settings you have and positioned to start where you might want to put a marker.... Tried using the Cakewalk Time Ruler to set up a marker to use in Melodyne but,like w/doing this kind of thing in the PRV and being able to see where you are postionwise in the PRV relative to the CbBL Time Ruler,depending on your Zoom levels it's not possible to sync the different transports visually.... As I'm doing a lot of the kind of note location editing that really depends on being able to identify and locate to a given spot re-overall syncing of elements in the mix(i.e.exactly where I want the snare or kick to hit)this is a priority so any ideas from people about this would be welcome.......
  14. Hey Scook! Again much thx for all your help over here...continuing to find threads where invariably your replies are the ones I learn the most from.... Doing some fairly complicated editing w/Melodyne and am wondering about this rendering process in terms of- -whether this is something that should be done once after all the Melodyne processes you want to do are finished as repeated rendering processes "degrade the audio quality" or if it's something that I could use as part of an editing the rendered clip process where I might do a little work in Melodyne,render the clip,edit the wav,set up Region FX again,continue some more Melodyne work on it,etc etc...
  15. Trying to figure out how to set up location markers like in Cakewalk where you can specify a location on the Time Ruler and create a marker instantly,wonder how to do this in Melodyne? Read some info in the Melodyne manual about the Start Time Tool but checking it out it seemed to only work w/Note Assignment Mode and this mode doesn't allow you to edit notes;switching back to edit mode the triangle marker below the Time Ruler disappears....?? Also,a more Cakewalk-specific question- I tried to edit a clip that had Region FX on it and saw right away that this didn't work like it does w/ a regular non-Region FX clip(tried the usual "highlight an area then delete it" technique).... Assuming you have to either render or bounce it back to a standard clip format again before this kind of thing will work.....appreciate any info about this as I was reading something online that seemed to suggest that "you can't do any editing to a clip once you've set up Region FX on it without removing it" or something...as if turning a clip into a Region FX clip automatically eliminates the possibility of any future standard clip editing...
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