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  1. Thx again to everyone who posted over on my thread asking about ways of setting up a secondary bass track to use w/the original.. I'd appreciate people's input about something else -been watching a tutorial about the Loop Construction View and although I'm able to set it up and load a clip,the dropdown menu options off the controls at the top are all greyed-out instead of looking like they do in the video.. The Groove Clip Inspector is similarly blank...thinking there must be some screen I need to go to to set things up.... Other than playing/looping the clip,everything else is deactivated for some reason.... Are there some setting adjustments I need to make somewhere so the types of things you're supposed to be able to do are enabled?
  2. Much thanks to everyone who replied to my post about using Jamstix 4 below.. Looking for info/feedback about developing an approach to using the Wah which everyone seems to just briefly mention and kind of skip over in all the tutorials I've found... I have links to some pages from Documentation,some articles by Craig Anderton from SOS as well as the Online Help guide,but would appreciate hearing from people who've actually used it,spent some time adjusting things and know what's what w/it or finding out about a tutorial where it's shown in action the way people show working w/the settings of all the the other included FX.. Have a lot of tracks where I'll be using it w/the electric piano and right now just been setting them up using the built-in Wah DSP's in my keyboard workstation away from the DAW,since these all have the type of settings that allow you to adjust the rate/depth etc but not approximate the open/close effect of using a pedal(wondering if I might be able to do this using the sustain pedal??)I'm thinking that I'll record them straight into the DAW w/out the DSP and use the Sonitus Wah to set things up;looking for a certain type of funk comping style effect where the Wah only functions to add to the initial percussive attack and the chord can be sustained after that without the oscillation continuing (which my DSP's don't allow for...) If you've used the Sonitus Wah enough to have an understanding of which of the 3 main types I should look into using to get this specific effect I'd be interested in any tips here..
  3. Again much thx to people for continue to post here and keep this thread active...hopefully it will add to this forums' usage as an invaluable source of info.... DB appreciate you taking the time to break things down;still developing a sense of what's what re-overall DAW/in the box recording -production approach... See you know your stuff from your posts and would like to be able to contact you directly here by email as things come up while I get into using the DAW on a regular basis.... FGV-are you talking about setting up a MIDI track using a MIDI-triggering keyboard etc while listening to the audio track playback? Although the replies here are all on target and have most definitely contributed to my getting an understanding of things as regards the thread title, some things were raised by various replies that haven't yet been addressed... if any of you who posted here( or anyone else)want to look over my comments following these posts,you'll see these...would be interested in knowing more about people's experience re- -360 ° w/using Drum Replacer -actual options for bass sample replacement /augmentation included (i. e. SI bass/TTS-1 etc) For ex U905133 -would like to find out more about your approach to this stuff...
  4. Thx for posting but not sure what you're referring to processwise...??
  5. David- My focus will be more on using acoustic/electric bass samples as available in the DAW(which I'd also appreciate an overview of)along w/audio recorded using a keyboard workstation w/various bass options,rather than a synth bass..... Aware of the SI Bass,the TTS-1,and seem to remember something else I found(MIDI options in one of the Browser dropdowns??)at one point.. Been working on figuring everything out and keeping track of things w/notes...at this point it's all still a bit undigested....
  6. Glad you joined the discussion..have you been doing this and if so w/what type of instrument?
  7. Thx for the double tip man... BTW new here as well as to CbBL and am glad to find people that know things and will offer info to the less-experienced,hope to keep these online rel.going as there's a ton of other stuff I could also post about as well.... How much of a difference in the end result is there between the features of Melodyne before/after,i.e.does the fact that it reverts to setting up a mono MIDI track mean much in terms of the interleave track/bus/master output options?
  8. Did a little research and according to Documentation,just dragging an audio clip directly to the MIDI track converts it(see Audio-Midi conversion a little ways down the page where it says,"Do one of the following" https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=SONAR X3&language=3&help=Region_FX.04.html#1679092 Also found a couple of YouTube tutorials,this one shows using Melodyne- and coincidentally uses a bass audio track,while this one shows a different technique involving setting a synth up on the MIDI track prior to dragging the audio... https://youtu.be/u4b5r7fm25o
  9. Much thx to both people who replied above- Appreciate the info about Melodyne and will be checking this out ... After watching the tutorials yesterday my thinking was focused mainly on the idea of sample augmentation and/or replacement applied to bass(as well as other instruments)and the process shown in general without really considering the specifics of how to do this...appreciate the heads up re-pitch related concerns.... I'm under the impression that an audio track can be converted to a midi one fairly easily without having to get into all the aspects of working w/the Drum Replacer and that using both types of tracks together would allow for a MIDI-based sample to be combined w/the original track... Interested in further feedback about this,especially from any one who's actually involved in doing this who might be able to describe the processes used... For ex,could a drum audio track be copied to a midi track directly and then the same thing be applied as described above? What are the advantages of using Drum Replacer vs.this if both options are available? My concept of the ASP based on the tutorials I've watched was using it mainly in terms of quantization/setting up a rhythmic feel from a part of a track or a reference track/Groove Clip etc that gets applied to the rest of the tracks using the Pool;this was the first time I'd seen the Transients processes shown in terms of setting up samples.... Again appreciate the replies as well any continued info about all the related aspects of this stuff...
  10. Just watched some tutorials about using Drum Replacer and wondering about doing this same process w/a bass track...would using the ASP to analyze the transients then setting up a MIDI file be the way to do this or would getting into importing bass MIDI files into the Drum Replacement options be the way to go? New to using CbBL ,just starting to get a sense of things and would appreciate breakdown of the steps involved here as it seems using sample replacement w/an existing track is just as viable an option as duplicating it,processing the new track differently(i.e.w/EQ/compression/FX etc) then grouping it w/the original....
  11. Wondering about using this to replace/augment bass tracks...anyone done this?
  12. Really appreciate everyone who's replied here,much thanks for taking the time to post the links!!Will be looking everything over and would appreciate being able to keep this thread active w/everyone who's been good enough to post and get into things... If anyone who actually currently has Jamstix 4 installed and uses it in CbBL wants to post here w/info about things this would be great...
  13. New to CbBL but since I've been watching many tutorials and done a lot of studying of both the Documentation and Reference Guide,I've been able to develop a good sense of how to do things and have been working with projects already;however I'm posting this to get some community feedback about using third-party drum plugins... I had been studying an older(2010)series of Cakewalk TV tutorials about Session Drummer 3,seeing what it could do I investigated various drum plugins and found out about Jamstix 4,installed it but not sure about how to get it to actually work in CbBL,where it would go,etcetc... In addition I'd be interested in finding out about any of the other drums plugins options people use along with the included SI Suite Drums....
  14. Gary Shore

    SI Suite/Jamstix 4

    New to using CbBL but since I've been watching many tutorials and done a lot of studying of both the Documentation and Reference Guide,I've been able to develop a good sense of how to do things and have been working with projects already;however there a couple of things I wanted to get some community feedback about- I recently installed the SI Suite,however they are not showing up in the Browser under the Instruments icon but rather as part of the FX plugins in the Overloud dropdown- I had been studying a tutorial that showed how to set up an SI option (i.e Drums) by drag/dropping it to empty area where it creates both audio/MIDI tracks and was able to do this w/the one Instrument that does show up in the Instruments dropdown in the Browser,the TTS-1,however this is the only one there... I was able to drag/drop the SI Drums onto an existing track in the FX bin,saw it come up and that it's active as I saw the levels move when I hit one of the drum pads but there was no sound as the above methodology for this wasn't used... I received some info about things relating to various folders/files where things are stored and looking into setting things up using the Cakewalk Plug-In Manager on one of the Facebook forums but wanted to check here as well to get a clear picture of exactly what to do before messing around with things I'm only somewhat familiar with... Along the same lines I had been studying an older(2010)series of Cakewalk TV tutorials about Session Drummer 3,seeing what it could do I investigated various drum plugins and found out about Jamstix 4,installed it but not sure about how to get it to actually work in CbBL,where it would go,etcetc... Appreciate any info about this stuff,especially from anyone using Jamstix 4 in the DAW..
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