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  1. I'm rebooting this topic because I still cannot get the Paste Options window to popup when I hit Paste Special or even Paste. When I open my Sonar Platinum project, I can select an empty Midi track, click on Paste Special and immediately the Paste Options window opens and I can select start time, blend old with new, replace, etc. Voila! the midi track that I exported from Finale inserts into the empty Midi Track. When I open a Cakewalk project and do the exact same steps, nothing happens. No Paste Options window. No Midi inserted. Nothing. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? Is this a feature in Cakewalk that I don't know or understand how it works? Please help me if you can or direct me on how to contact some support from the Cakewalk people. Thank you.
  2. Thanks for response, however, when I click Edit >Paste Special (or use keyboard Ctrl+Alt+V) nothing happens. There is no options window popping up. Is there a setting somewhere that I can adjust/change that will correct this? Again, in Sonar Platinum, the options Window will popup when I Edit>Paste Special.
  3. How do you reset the Paste Special so that the options windows pops up? Now I click on it and nothing happens. i.e. midi data on the clipboard (from Finale) does not paste into track/clip. Works fine in Sonar Platinum.
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    Paste Special

    In my Sonar Platinum I could easily paste midi data from the clipboard into a Sonar midi track by highlighting the track and using Paste Special. Voila! However, using Bandlab Cakewalk, when I try using Paste Special to get that data, nothing happens. No popup window with paste options. Nothing. Zip. Therefore, no midi data imported into track. When I open up a basic Sonar project (two tracks: audio - midi) and try using the Paste Special item, it works perfectly. So, this is an obvious Cakewalk bug or a feature that I cannot figure out how to use. Would someone please give instruction as to how to make this work? Thanks! Bob
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