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  1. Ok, for anyone who hasn't poked around Windows settings that much, I now have an incredibly cool combo of the highest native resolution that I wanted, 3440 X 1440 ...AND have increased the font size and desktop items..you can literally select BOTH seperately and increase the size of both while keeping your higher overall resolution...Windows 10 kind of makes it squirrely to get to the settings, but it's doable....here's where you can tweak to your hearts content...here's with the fonts and app tweaked a bit larger without losing the sharpness of the fonts/text and the after results showing Bandlab with larger Menu bar fonts....happy happy joy joy!
  2. well, not necessarily...if you wanted to scale like I mentioned (aside from the window being a bit oversized @ 125% scaling), the issue is still how poor Windows 10 handles it for things like fonts....watch this video...
  3. So I think I am content now to go full bore 3444 X 1444...it just looks so good and I have the monitor at a comfortable distance to still see everything and I get my super long timeline!....
  4. It looks soooo good at 3444 X 1444 though ! lol I am going to try that and other resolutions....I AM starting to get more and more used to it though. I have it mounted on this absolutely killer (and not cheap) Ergotron arm and it kind of 'floats' on my desk , so I can maneuver it closer or farther away if need be and have my little MIDI input music keyboard tucked under it.
  5. So I have a new ultra wide 34" monitor which I run at it's native resolution of 3444 X 1440. The age old problem is still there...everything looks too tiny! lol. I have tried cranking up the scaling to 125% in windows 10 but then some text loses sharpness and/or is blurrier. Seems this is an age old Windows problem that will always be a compromise of some sort. I thought with a bigger monitor I could see much more of a tunes timeline, which I can, but the trade-off is everything is so tiny , I have to sit way up close to see it lol. I am tinkering with something I found on the internet which allows per application scaling override etc in Windows but it seems that if you want a larger Bandlab main view, then you give up the extra viewable space that you gained when things are at their native resolution and hence, smaller. I'm going to try a custom scaling of about 110-115 , just for Bandlab and see if if I can live with that. I don't think Macs have ever had this problem lol, or at least my sense is they never had a problem with blurry text/scaling issues. Makes me want to jump ship, plus all the things you hear about how they just work right out of the box with little to know tweaking and are stable. *sigh*
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