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  1. Hi Two keyboard shortcuts for the same action is ok. What is confusing about that? I'll explore the options you suggest about the mouse wheel...tks!
  2. Hi Yes i am. It is very strange that in settings, a keyboard shortcut bound to the same action as another keyboard shortcut, both wouldn't produce the same response. Computers are hard.🤔
  3. Hi Anyone know if there is a way to use a keyboard shortcut for horizontal zoom, other than Ctrl+Arrow, and not have the now time indicator center plz? I've tried binding other keys, but they won't keep the now time in place while it zooms. Tkx, Ray
  4. Tkx for the reply Mr. Bone! Did you try count-in of zero when recording, to see if the emphasized beat is at the same beat as when your count-in is set to one or more when recording? I have not made any adjustments to the settings in settings other than the metronome "count-in" number. I just tried "count-in" with my old Cakewalk Music Creator 7 and it is behaving exactly like Cakewalk by Bandlab. Pushing record, with the now time indicator on any first beat and count-in other than zero, it starts to move on the fourth metronome beat. Anywhere I start the now time indicator when recording the first metronome beat (emphasized) is always on the second beat of the measure when count-in is not zero......so weird! Tkx again!
  5. Hi, When I choose 1 or more "Record Count-in" in metronome settings for playback and recording, then hit play, the metronome emphasizes the 1st beat, so that is working. When I choose to record, then the 2nd beat is emphasized every measure....weiiirrrrrd. Just to let you know if "0" is selected in "Record Count-in", then the emphasis is on the 1st beat whether playing back or recording. If anyone would reply as to what I am doing wrong it would be appreciated! Tks!
  6. abacab.....Thank you much!! Only diff was instead of "program files" part in the path, on my computer it was "program files (x86)". The rest was the same. And it's even working!! Also had to restart the program for Sound Center to show in the Soft Synth menu. Tks again!
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