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  1. In Cakewalk, When selecting an audio driver, I see a dropdown listing all the audio driver available on my PC, but only ASIO4ALL is enabled and selectable, while I cant select any one of the others. In particular I cannot select Native Instrument Komplete ASIO driver, which I need in order to use my Native Instrument Komplete Audio 2 audio interface, Can anyone explain why this limitation ?
  2. I don't know what exactly did those wonderful guys, but I quote their answer: After some digging and debugging from our engineers, they were able to recover the file. I can also add that i sent a WRK file and they sent me back a CWB file.
  3. I come back just to tell to anybody that BandLab support team is really wonderful and solved my problem in a very short time. My old old Cakewalk project is now live again ! Great job! I want to thank BandLab support team also on this forum.
  4. thank you for the hint, but the result is still the same: nevertheless I'm pretty sure it isn't a matter of file corruption and ny hope is to find at least one of the following: wrk file format specifications e-mail address of the developers support Many theanks
  5. Hi. I have a problem with very old (1995) wrk files. I have an archive of mine with a set of wrk files I made for the stage musics of a theater show. Now I need to read them again. I was very happy to find, download and install Cakewalk by Bandlab. It works very fine with all my old wrk files, safe one. Needless to say that, following Murphy, the one I can't read is the one I most need. Now, with the aid of notepad++ I was able to compare working files content with the not working one and I a'm pretty sure that it is not a matter of file corruption. I guess that some peculiar feature of that files (i remembered that I mixed MIDI tracks and audio tracks) it is now no more working. Has someone some idea ? I wasn't able to find the e-mail address for developer support, mentioned by @Jim Fogle. May be I could ask some hint to them. I would also be very happy to get detailed wrk file format specification. I could try to hack my file separating tracks or similar (unfortunately I didn't save at the time the MIDI tracsk separately but I did with the audio elements). Many thanks
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