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  1. Debilitated. That’s me.
  2. Good one indeed. Still not sure O9A is worth the upgrade (on its own). That low end thing as just part of the spectral shaper so nothing new. Still like the GUI rescalability and the NKS compatibility though.
  3. Don’t care for used asswipes, even free.
  4. I rarely use loops. And I still have some 80 gigs of LoopLoft loops from those halcyon freebie days.
  5. Unlike the Neutron upgrade from 2 to 3 then. That one did get much easier in the CPU.
  6. CPU should be less, they say. Guess it ain’t
  7. And they tell us it’s the other way around.
  8. Yup. My next MacBook Pro 16” will work with nothing.
  9. I wonder if O8A will continue to work under OSX Catalina.
  10. RecordingSoftware seem to run a fine organization indeed. Too bad I missed the low price.
  11. Meanwhile, anyone interested in a Groove3 year pass for $50?
  12. And now it’s back down. Strange, had it in my cart.
  13. On the other hand, most of these improvements are now also part of Ozone Standard, as are all Vintage effects, and this for the first time. Upgrading from O8S to O9S seems to offer best value for money here.
  14. Okay, watched the entire Deep Dive vid (thanks Larry) and found one essential upgrade apart from the resizable GUI: now you can select as many effects modules you like. Gone is the artificial limitation to six modules. And that’s indeed a good thing.
  15. Will get it this weekend! nice appetizer for the upcoming Spitfire BBCSO
  16. I wonder what would have happened if I hadn’t installed my MPS 2.1 (bought from JRR) until now.
  17. So MPS 3 doesn’t include Melodyne anymore?
  18. Got the same 25% coupon twice.
  19. Will jump when the upgrade from MPS 2.1 to MPS3 is $50 or less!
  20. Would like to know too
  21. Not really into loops myself. Anyone try this?
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