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  1. Say what? Is this the new Melda GUI? Got to reconsider my perspective.
  2. Fleer


    Yeah, weird. Loved his approach though.
  3. Finally got it and happy to, as it includes the software plus these packs: Jazz & Blues for Instachord Jazz & Blues for Instachord 2 Future House for Instachord Synthwave for Instachord Future Bass for Instachord EDM for Instachord Ambient & Cinematic for Instachord LOFI Hip Hop for Instachord Psytrance for Instachord Hardstyle for Instachord
  4. There’s a crack in everything. That’s where the light comes in.
  5. She said you like it now but you’ll learn to love it later
  6. I’m missing the usual exquisite AAS GUI.
  7. Got these last January. Fun to play with.
  8. That’s the one. Now only if it would have usb-c.
  9. Nice. Got the 5Tb for $99.
  10. Fleer

    Harrison Mixbus 7

    Sixth Floor. Haberdashery and scarves.
  11. Anyone got this yet? I’m still very much enamored with Gullfoss. They even added a Live version.
  12. Nekid? I keed, I keed
  13. Thanks Larsy. KaranyiMusic is a fine dev and mallets are always welcome.
  14. Such a great guy. We should be proud he was part of us. And will remain so. Terry’s funeral will be held at St John the Baptist Cathedral on Earlham Road on April 30 however attendance is restricted due to coronavirus and the service will be live streamed at www.youtube.com/watch?v=EOvrRQraFHU.
  15. I think I’ll stick with Tracktion Hyperion for now. Sonic bliss.
  16. Would love to see them bring a new Oberheim!
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