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  1. Got this one last year and like it a lot. Pretty good mastering comp, plus a mixing version.
  2. At last, a fine Bodhrán. Played one in Northern Ireland thirty years ago and the thing never left my mind.
  3. Hope he’s still in there.
  4. Strike that. How does it look?
  5. Is that an amp cab or are you just happy to see me?
  6. Good issue. Simply wonderful review of Chromaphone 3 by David Baer. And another great review of the inexpensive but sublime LABS Firewood Piano.
  7. This is nice! I had the original Zen on order once but cancelled. This is less than half the price and looking at least as good. Still, those Antelope guys from Bulgaria, what’s their reliability.
  8. Future Music is a bit “higher level” than CM, but I prefer the latter as I’m an eternal noob.
  9. Got it already. Pretty, pretty good.
  10. Or check with a mod to send him an email?
  11. Why would I get this unsolicited email from them? “Hello, Your user password was reset by the website administrator. Below are the details: Website: 2bplayed.com/ Please visit the following URL to reset your password : ..... If you have any questions or require assistance contact your website administrator on info@2bplayed.com. Thank you.”
  12. Das Boot? As if El Clapo wasn’t enough.
  13. Fleer

    Nugen Audio Survey

    Thanks, TS, back on the fence.
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