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  1. I think I’ll get the base ones with preamp then and get my plug-in FET comps.
  2. Or as freebies. Yes! Yes! Yes!
  3. Dippin’ until hittin’ that 25th freebie.
  4. Just got a 1TB Samsung T7 for $95 from Amazon. Not too shabby either, for an external.
  5. It’s somewhat comparable to Albion One from Spitfire Audio.
  6. And then, for that undisclosed 25th freebie …
  7. I feel sad when looking at my v11 and v12 bundles and plugins, all of them idle in macOS 11. Paid good money for them. Not going to pay again. WUP out.
  8. Wow, this is pretty amazing indeed. Atmospheric bliss. I can even add my own samples. Kudos!
  9. Is the site curated or are there no limits to the samples people can post?
  10. I’m interested too. What with all those MOTU M4 problems.
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