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  1. Yep. Can’t say it’s highly ranked among my 100+ piano libraries 😎
  2. Different opinion here. It’s one of a very small group of modeled pianos with Pianoteq and Arturia’s V Piano, both being infinitely better as TruePianos are not being updated. But for a modeled piano it still deserves respect in my book.
  3. Still, this kind of deal is rarely seen.
  4. Same here, Larsy, same here.
  5. As mibby said, Vertigo and PA parted ways, so I guess no upgrades I’m afraid.
  6. He will be missed indeed. Bayoubill was one of the old forum’s giants. Too soon, way too soon.
  7. I look stupid looking at this thread every hour.
  8. Fleer

    Zynaptiq Adaptiverb

    Oh yes. But there’s a less taxing version included.
  9. Fleer

    Zynaptiq Adaptiverb

    Miss Downer, this is your call.
  10. Fleer

    FabFilter incoming

    I’ll be on it like bears on honey.
  11. You get RBass as a Bitwig owner and you get Bitwig 8 as a Waves user.
  12. We’re all in a collapsible category.
  13. Nice. Started thinking Simeon was taking a few weeks off.
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