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  1. Okay, it may have been the plugin I dragged in, but when I dragged an effect over, it just went silent, and wouldn't record.
  2. That definitely sounds a bit more manageable, to me. Though, I'm not very picky, unless I can get a quicker way done, lol. Honestly, I just feel like it's something that should be simplified, like in BandLab's web version of the software. It's super easy to edit midi in that stage.
  3. Yeah, it does sound a bit convoluted. However, it is seriously the only complaint I have on Cakewalke, right now. Do you know if it lets you isntall third party midi editors?
  4. So, after recording a MIDI track, I did end up missing a couple notes and decided to go edit the notes in piano roll, rather than re-record that section. However, I seem to be having all sorts of problems simple adding notes to an input(I have been programmed into simplicity with how FL Studios edits midi, so I'm coming off just click to add); am I missing something? I sometimes have to double click to even add a note, honestly.
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