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  1. I'm a bit late to this thread, but: Here are some great-sounding synths that nobody has mentioned yet: TAL - NoiseMaker: https://tal-software.com/products/tal-noisemaker (Powerful, easy to use synth.) TAL - Elek7ro: https://tal-software.com/products/tal-elek7ro (Similar to NoiseMaker, but slightly less powerful and slightly easier to use.) Brain Control - Tunefish 3: https://www.tunefish-synth.com/download (I prefer Tunefish 3 to Tunefish 4, as it has an additional oscillator compared to version 4.) All of these work well with CwB, except that Tunefish 3 sometimes glitches when you change parameters while audio is playing. This can be easily fixed by simply not modifying parameters while audio is playing.
  2. Thanks for the quick replies and suggestions. 🙂 I will try adjusting some additional settings as recommended. I doubt that my issues are related to Windows updates, or my PC settings, as neither were changed between saving the working project and reopening it, and finding it malfunctioning.
  3. UPDATE: Thanks everyone for the help. I solved the lag issue by changing some settings. I also installed the latest early access version. The MIDI clips playing wrong seems to be fixed. I am still unsure about the audio not playing, but that only occurred on one project, and can probably be solved now that the program isn't lagging so badly. Note: I see that an update will likely be released in a week: Hopefully this update will solve the issues that I am experiencing, but as I am not certain, I will still report my issues: Several hours ago, CWbB was working like a charm, aside from the usual slight unreliability. I started a new project, loaded several plugins*, and started adding MIDI notes. I eventually saved and quit my project. When I came back to the project, it would not play audio. The audio showed up on the meters, but wouldn't play through my headphones. I closed the project and checked another project. This project did play the audio, though not correctly. Multiple MIDI clips were playing the wrong notes, and none were responding to to the portamento settings in the plugins. Additionally, everything was lagging badly, so that events happened about 1 second after I initiated them. * The plugins were Helm and Synth1, I don't know if they could be somehow be the culprit to these issues or not. I have tried changing settings, restarting my computer, and reinstalling CWbB, none of these made a difference. Does anyone know what could be causing this? Also, does anyone know if this will be fixed in the upcoming update? Thanks
  4. The distortion usually affects one instrument and will play constantly once it starts, regardless of the point in playback. I doubt that the silence is related to demo modes, as it once occurred while using the Cakewalk TTS-1 plugin with no effects. I'll try changing the ASIO buffers, hopefully that will help with the distortion.
  5. I am experiencing several audio issues in Cakewalk: Certain sections of audio are silenced, seemingly randomly, in files that are exported using Cakewalk. As far as I know, this is only occurring with segments that are recorded using the "Capture Matrix Performance" button. Sometimes, sounds coming from midi tracks will suddenly distort and clip, creating a very unpleasant sound. I usually have to reload an older version of the project to fix this. So far this has only occurred while using ZynAddSubFX and Synth1 as instruments. Does anyone know of a simple solution to this? Thanks
  6. I have several questions about this feature: Why would you use the One-shot Trigger option? From what I can see, it just removes the option to change whether the clip loops or not, and stops it from looping. How do you set up Matrix clips so that you can trigger them using a computer keyboard? How do you set up Matrix clips so that you can trigger them using a MIDI device, like a Launchpad or a Digital Piano? Thanks
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