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  1. So one week ago I bought into the GB with the Arc System 3 but the item has not shipped yet. I am wondering how many others are in the same situation as me. Their website says: The Group Buy counter will increase each time a new qualifying product is purchased and registered. If I understand this correctly, the group buy did not increase with my purchase because I have not registered it yet. Is that correct? Could it be there are still many like me who have purchased the Arc System 3 and have not had the opportunity to register their product to accurately increase the GB numbers?
  2. Thanks for the Best Service code Larry...I got the Studio One 5 upgrade for $113.11. This is the best price I have seen so far. 👍
  3. I just got the Studio version upgrade at Audiodeluxe. $130 is a great price for all the new features. I just tried out the Sibilant Tool and it works great and is easy to use. Now to figure out how to use all the Studio features.
  4. I just started learning these apps yesterday and I am very impressed by them. I just got let go of my graphics job (because of Covid-19) I had for years and we were using Adobe CC so these apps look like a good alternative to paying a monthly fee. At $75 for all three apps is amazing if they can compare to Adobe CC.
  5. Just received my serial for Abbey Road Studio 3 from MF. After using it real quick I can see how it can be helpful to get more perspectives on a mix.
  6. Ordered the Abbey Road Studio 3. Amazing price. Hopefully it goes through. Thanks Yan & Larry for the links.
  7. Thanks for the heads up. It has some great string sounds. Looking forward to the new Brass & Woodwinds.
  8. Anyone with any vouchers they are not going to use?
  9. Any vouchers still available? 😀
  10. I would happy with a $25 voucher!
  11. This is the one plugin I really want. Any unused vouchers would be put to good use here.
  12. Thanks Fleer. I'm late to the party so I better get reading.
  13. Anything really worthwhile in the $99.99? I have so many plugins...do I really need more 😜
  14. It is $49.50 in my cart right now. Still deciding.
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