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  1. I have an Audiobox USB ( I know people hate this) this works for me. I record myself and practice long distance. I'm not making recordings. I have recently started working with a violinist and she records her part and I need to record mine and send on to the third person. I can't hear myself in the headphones which makes accuracy difficult. I tried turning on the input echo button but no difference. I turn up the headphones which starts to get some white noise if too loud. I just need to be able to hear myself. The tracks are set to go to the master, with sends on the tracks that go to effects and they in turn go to the Master ... etc. Any help would be appreciated. I would also consider getting a new interface if that would make a difference?? 

  2. Is anyone exporting into Bandlab? I've been doing this during stay put so my fellow band people can add, subtract etc. When I import the files from Cakewalk all of the automation, Fx, panning, everthing....seems to be gone.  It sounds great in Cakewalk - I export tracks with the appropriate checkboxes for auto, fx etc. I really don't want to have to do it all over in BL. I must be doing something wrong ... V

  3. Thanks all . The reason I was recording with the pickup and not the mic I have is ambient noise;computer, furnace, lawn mowers, dogs... noisy neighborhood.  Even my hammered dulcimer uses a piezo pickup which actually sounds very natural. I'll search around for some EQ suggestions.

  4. I have a piezo pickup on my violin; it sounds great live. The problem is when I try to record it. I'm not making a CD or anything close but recording originals, band tunes etc. My violin sounds .. well, terrible. Is there a way to tweak that in Cakewalk so it is so ugly sounding - nasally, shrill at times, very "electric". I was surprised since it sounds so natural live (yes, I know it isn't quite natural .. but close). I'm not by any means a recording aficionado so have limited skills. I can use prochannel tweeks on the other instruments (guitar, cello, irish drum.. from BIAB) and they sound amazing.

  5. I went back to using Cakewalk ... I was hoping that band members could record their parts on BandLab and we could practice but the latency is just too off. I have ran that test we no results. So we are back to the drawing board . I"m the only one with Cakewalk, the others are using the Bandlab app for their phone. Oh well...

  6. I use the Cakewalk by Bandlab for working on music. Recently, my fellow band members and I have been looking at Bandlab as an online collaboration tool to use while we are ... hold up at home! I put up the files but when they try to record a track from home (they don't have a lot of computer tech and one is using his phone) there is a latency issue. When I was testing it I thought wow my timing is off a bit and then the thought oh, wait ... latency. I ran the test once and it worked. I shut down came back this morning and the latency is still there and the latency test no longer works. Did everything right. I really need this to work for the other members. Thanks in advance... V

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