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  1. Thanks Jim. From Canada and $100CAD is approx $76USD. The one you recommended was around $180CAD. I was hoping to get something around $100CAD/$76USD with my current situation financially.
  2. Hi, I am looking to buy a new audio interface since my old one used firewire connections which my laptop does not support. What I am looking for: - Budget around $100CAD - Has MIDI ports - 2 XLR/1/4-inch inputs -Monitor speaker out I would appreciate any recommendations
  3. Thanks for the answer and suggested upgrades msmcleod & Chuck E Baby! Saved me some bucks trying it out
  4. I would like to use this older hardware again, but my laptop doesnt have a firewire port. It only has USB and HDMI ports. Is there a way to convert from Firewire to either USB or HDMI? and will it work? Thanks
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