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  1. Yes, of course @Robert Bone🙂
  2. Thank you @Robert Bone
  3. yes @Nigel Mackay , this is what i meant
  4. thank you very much @Base 57 that's what I wanted to know @paulo I knew that but still thanks
  5. ok but i am more interested in being able to group tracks in itself and the FX thing and that not so much but what I'm interested in knowing is then in cakewalk I don't have the option to group tracks yes or no?
  6. I found on the landr page: https://blog.landr.com/best-free-vst-plugins/ a blog with about 200 vst free, from Free Synth, Free Drum, Free Guitar, Free Effects, Free Utlities They also have a free compressor blog : https://blog.landr.com/es/plugins-vst-gratis-compresion/ At the bottom of the page you will be able to find different blogs with plugin categories / Vst for different occasions and each vst has its direct link to its official page for download is a very good page to find vst free
  7. @Nigel Mackay ok but i mean i can group a lead tracks to do the same processing to them. I know what can be done with the shipments but I would like to group 8 tracks to do a processing by insert. something like ableton that you can select tracks and with Ctrl-G you can group these tracks
  8. I have a doubt Cakewalk has the option to group tracks, instruments, or effects?
  9. Cakewalk still has digital channel adder? Since I have heard that when processing more than 8 tracks, these sounds begin to sound strange
  10. ok thanks for everyone's help

    sidechain compression

    thank you all for your responses

    sidechain compression

    @Will_Kaydo thak you
  13. @Kalle Rantaaho Sorry for the dicah confuction question but in ableton there is an option to give right clip soble any sample that says (chop on a new midi track), that's what I mean by the question. What I want to know is if in cakewalk you can do that somehow without using any external VST Thank you
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