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  1. if the drag and drop works but it would be better if the samples and ports could be replaced
  2. I use windows 7 and when I install the cakewalk at the end of the installation I get a window where it tells me that it has not been possible to register the Dll and tried several solutions and I still have not been able to solve the problem
  3. I would like a way if there is not yet to be able to drag the samples from the library to the audio track and have them replaced without having to delete and return those selected samples
  4. Writing automation is great and everything but it only works for some external VSTs.I also saw that in these vst I do not get the options that are on top of everything (in the section of choosing the banks) and where I am supposed to activate this automation by writing . Why could this problem be due?
  5. but write automation cannot be done in external plugins.


    I would love an option to modify and automate the sample pitch more quickly
  7. 1-I would like it to be easier on the subject of automation, since in my opinion it is tedious to have to look for each nop or fader that wants to do this automation. My idea is that there is an indicator that shows you which parameter you are moving to be able to have a better flow at the time of automating, since if the producer has no knowledge of what is called the nop or fader to which he wants to atomize it can be done very uncomfortable this process. 2-In the theme of the tools I would like them to incorporate the cutting tool together with the other selection tools, to have greater flexibility when making arrangements to the tracks or tracks.
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