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  1. When you open the Pro-Channel you create a double mixer channel ... and I think it clutters the mixer section even more ... For me It would be better to leave a single channel, simpler and "cleaner", subsequently adding other professional effects and various plugins that are in the pro-channel ? Regarding the - Theme Editor - I believe that those who make music must concentrate on music ... The theme editor is a job for the graphic designer ... A musician cannot "waste time" modifying the graphics of a program, but can only give some suggestions to ensure that at least the size of the software is resizable, orderly, less dense in icons and (repeated) functions, easy to understand and as comprehensible as possible... Not for advertise other software though, if you look at Studio One it looks very "clean" not so full of features ... Then on each file, with the right mouse button, you can work on the various aspects ... I try to to give an example: if I load an audio file in a track I can (with the right mouse button) reverse the track, insert the channels, change to the same tonality of the track lowering by several semi-tones, normalize, Etc .. Etc .. I think the right mouse button should have more features ... For example, time-stretching in Cakewalk only gives a percentage change but I can't find the function to see how many BPM tracks change, which in Studio One I can know well... Thank.
  2. Ok, thanks for the information, I try to investigate Cakewalk's features better and more calmly. Thank you.
  3. I'm sorry, you're right. In fact I tried to delete the video link with the "Edit" function, but I couldn't and I don't know why ... I'm not interested in addressing or having feedback, I use the blog that I created exclusively as a "notebook" ... - The first suggestion that i like to give Cakewalk of BandLab is to delete the theme editor and create, for this DAW, a resizable vector graphic interface to 40 - 60 - 80 - 100 - 120 - 140 - 160 - 180 - 200 - 220% - Second suggestion is to make the entire graphic interface much simpler and easier to understand, including all the commands and functions of Cakewalk by BandLab. - A duplicate and multiple view of the mixer is very wrong. A single section must be dedicated to the mixer (calling it with a specific command or function or key on the keyboard). Viewing the mixer in several places (making it multiple) and in more areas, more sections (and more areas of the screen) does nothing but create more confusion, multiply the same channels, making us believe that then there are more mixer channels to manage, yes it weighs down the graphics (also in terms of CPU consumption), and redefines the complicated software to understand. - The toolbar is confusing. The commands and functions are arranged in a confused manner, without a precise logic. Symbols (and icons) are very difficult to understand and interpret. I see a mountain with a flag, well, what does it mean? How can I interpret a mountain with a flag in an audio / Midi software workstation? Absurd. It takes a few simple but essential commands, the rest can be called, in an orderly manner, from the function bar at the top, or with the right mouse button. Much better. Very messy graphics. Then insert a mode of "advanced", "basic" or other functions, constantly changing the layout of the controls, does nothing but complicate and confuse the ideas even more to people. Very wrong design !! - Not all commands and functions are translated correctly, some writings have remained in English, making the understanding of the functions difficult and confusing. - The ruler of time is confusing. There are too many superimposed writings and it is always very difficult to manage and set the loop line, as the writings cover the view. - The processing of audio files in Cakewalk by BandLab should be improved. The quality of time-stretching, in Cakewalk, is rather low. By dilating or shrinking an audio file of about 30%, the file loses quality, assuming the tones as if applying a flanger or phaser effect. In Time-stretching it must be made available, in addition to the file movement percentage, also the time in bpm (how many bpm I am otherwise the file) and how many BPM the file takes. In addition to this, it also takes the possibility of modifying the file in tones and semitones. Then right-click -> Change speed in percentage ratio and BPM speed. Right click of the mouse ---> change the tone of the file: lower or raise by + 36 semitones or -36 semitones. Right mouse button ---> Invert audio track. Invert passing the right channel to the left channel and vice versa. Right mouse button ---> Contrary reproduction of the file, ie reverse playback, always with good audio quality.
  4. I tried to write some small suggestions for Cakewalk based on little experiences with other audio & Midi workstations. Of course these are personal suggestions, in my point of view. Surely you have other points of view, but I believe that sharing opinions and opinions is the strength of the Internet, even if the Web has finally become the opposite place, or rather that of individualism conformed to mass homologation ... Also here there is a notable failure of the Internet project by human nature ... But these are other speeches ... You can read some suggestions about the blog I created ... here: https://efremc79.blogspot.com/2019/09/cakewalk-bandlab-suggestion-i.html (In the other links there are other suggestions)
  5. Thanks for your answer. Yes, for those who have kept all the material of the old versions, things work, but for those who first look at this software, things become more complex ...
  6. Currently all the "Cakewalk world" is rather confused. The Command Center remains active, but only for those who have created an account from 2014 to 2017. However, those who want to try the Cakewalk-Sonar plugins for free now cannot do so, and cannot even try the old Sonar versions. Another aspect: if the same plugins are no longer updated, what is all this for? I mean, what is the use of keeping and leaving Cakewalk sites if in these sites it is no longer possible to try out the various versions of the DAWs or even the plugins? If I can propose an idea, for me it takes a "General Reset". If BandLab has serious intentions it should reset everything and start over (or from the beginning). Sonar still contains several bugs, it has a rather heavy and "flooded" structure / layout of features that are repeated several times within the software itself. You would start from scratch redesigning everything. You would start with a new, lighter, more streamlined graphic (in vector graphics) with the possibility of resizing the graphic interface, and then inserting the various functions (forgetting the themes editor ...). I would leave the DAW completely empty from the plugin. Then I would create a good line of plugins (maybe for a fee). But by good line of plugins I mean good with a capital B. It is an idea that I propose to try to give new life to Sonar. And you would go back to renaming it with the name of Sonar, since it is the most known and recognizable name for so many ... Thank you.
  7. Thanks, I'm sorry though ... ☹️
  8. Good morning, I ask if, how and when it will be possible (for those who do not have an old Cakewalk account and for those who cannot access the Cakewalk Command Center) return to try (and eventually purchase) all the old plugins (virtual Instruments and Virtual effects) that they were part of Cakewalk Sonar. Thank you.
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