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  1. Ascension is an essential VST instrument for anyone making synth-based music... With 4 powerful, FM enabled oscillators you can choose any mixture of subtractive, wavetable synthesis and a huge 6 GB ROM sound library along with over 1500 presets and 1300 wavetables. 50% Off Deal! https://www.producerspot.com/product/ascension
  2. Reed106 is the first modeled electric piano that has a unique feature: it’s always changing (like a real instrument) Every note, every day, every month, Reed106 will create small natural variations if itself. We like to think it’s “alive”. Save 41% Off (Intro Deal) until July 31.
  3. Reveal Sound is back with a new 21% discount for Spire until 2021-07-08, check the link above!
  4. Released two months ago, Hattricks is a VST plug-in that makes the process of making Trap / Hip-Hop beats smooth, easy and proficient. In technical terms it is a sampler and a sequencer with rhythm divisions assigned to keys. Until the end of May we are giving away a bonus to every Hattricks purchase. The Drum One Shot Bundle with over 3300 drum one shots that can be used in Hattricks. https://www.producerspot.com/product/hattricks
  5. Extra 10% with the code COMPLETE10 (+win $4 store credit) at https://www.producerspot.com/product/chordjam
  6. you can get the magazine from here with no subscription https://www.producerspot.com/product/beat-magazine-184
  7. It's $12,19, but now it's $9.99 at ProducerSpot https://www.producerspot.com/product/xpand-2
  8. An update expected by thousands of music producers has just arrived from AIR Music. Xpand! 2 is now ready for macOS Catalina & Big Sur updates! The price is $9,99 (Regular $79.99), so grab your copy right now, and thank me later https://www.producerspot.com/product/xpand-2
  9. Happy Easter! Between 1 and 10 April save 40% off on all loops and samples available at ProducerSpot.com.
  10. By the end of this month, Reveal Sound is offering their well-known Spire synthesizer at a promotional price of $ 149 (Regular $ 189). Check it at ProducerSpot: Reveal Sound Spire
  11. $9.99 here for the entire March https://www.producerspot.com/product/drum-synth-500
  12. The Hoser 80% Off https://www.producerspot.com/product/the-hoser The Hoser XT 80% Off https://www.producerspot.com/product/the-hoser-xt
  13. Between 12 and 15 February all sample packs are reduced by 40%. Enjoy! https://www.producerspot.com
  14. Electrix plugin by Sampleson is a recreation of a rare suitcase model electric piano used by many famous rock bands in the early ’70s. Available for Windows and Mac as VST/AU plugin and Standalone. Was $20 Now $10 *Promotion ends February 28 Deal: https://www.producerspot.com/product/electrix
  15. Little Foot is an easy-to-use kick drum enhancement plug-in that can bring out the sub-harmonics, punch, and body of any acoustic or electronic kick drum. Little foot can go from subtle to extreme and anywhere in between. 60% Off Promotion (Ends February 28) https://www.producerspot.com/product/little-foot
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