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  1. @Promidi thank you for the quick answer. I'm not aware of TAL Reverb and EasyReverb do have any delay or rate parameters that are synched upon tempo changes. Some of the synths I use in my track do, but they don't seem to be casuing the problem. For the FX plugins I disabled 'configure as tempo-based effect' and 'enable delay compensation' in the VST Plugin Properties, but this does not help. Regarding the "Stretch method": I'm not (yet) working with WAV files in my track. Not sure if changing the stretch method would also help on MIDI tracks, but I'll definitely give it a try.
  2. Hi guys, I'm running into a problem that was already addressed in SONAR X3, but apparently still occurs: While working on a track that includes various tempo changes, clicks as well as noise coming from FX plugins can be heard. Unfortunately also when exporting audio. In an earlier post I read that this could happen when using FX plugins which are tempo driven. I notice I have tiny clicks on tempo changes even when all FX are disabled. When enabling the plugins (especially reverbs like TAL Reverb and/or EasyReverb) the noise gets worse. I have the idea that these reverb plugins just process the clicks that were heard at tempo changes. Does anyone have an idea on how to work around / fix this?
  3. Thank you @User 905133 for your answer! I wasn't aware of the Widget Filter (it was set to Mix by the way).
  4. Hi guys, in some of my projects I'm not able to set the Input or Output of a MIDI track. For some reason, the Input and Output dropdowns just aren't there (even after dragging the bottom of the track to enlarge it vertically). In this particular case I'd like to add a MIDI track to a project and assign its Output to MAutoPitch so I can control that VST with my keyboard (I already set up the plugin to accept MIDI Input). What am I doing wrong here? I just add a MIDI track to my project, and it simply has no Input and Output dropdowns. When opening some of my older projects (probably created before a numer of CbB updates, I don't know), those controls DO show up. Can't figure out why... Kind regards, Jan
  5. Hi everyone, A modified version of the AZ Control preset for X-Touch One can be found here: http://www.azslow.com/index.php?topic=493 . It comes with 3 different mappings: one from the original creator as referred above by @azslow3, one to meet MC layout as printed on the X-Touch One, and one to meet the layout of the Cubase overlay sheet that is shipped with the X-Touch One. PDFs are included to show how the controls are mapped. To make this work properly, be sure to put your X-Touch One in MC operating mode.
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