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  1. Try GGATE (free noise gate plugin) https://www.gvst.co.uk/ggate.htm
  2. jackson_js22

    Export formats

    Hi What is the appropriate export type/format for MIDI tracks only, when other people want to: a) just play the MIDI tracks in their PC/handheld device. b) play and edit the MIDI tracks in Cakewalk but they are missing my Virtual Instrument plugins. c) play and edit the MIDI tracks in other DAWs Thanks..
  3. That's correct mate. I love Rock and Metal and I use Cakewalk for my guitar backing tracks. I choose famous classical songs and create Metal Versions out of them. I'm finishing Hungarian Dance No5 now, a very fast (140 bpm) 2/4 classical masterpeice. I'll upload the finished MIDI soon for everyone to give it a try* or, even better, tweak it a little. I believe the best way to learn guitar is to play classical songs. Much better than boring scales and repetitive exersices. BTW I watched your video. Very informative. You should make more of these . * I use MT-PowerDrum kit and a Standard Bass for the tune.
  4. Thanks for your replies guys I appreciate, but I think I'll drop Step Sequencer altogether. I'll switch to Piano Roll where I can use note values from whole notes to 16ths without merging notes. I'll never understand why note values are missing in Step Sequencer. Yesterday, for example, i was writing a Bass part and I had to merge notes all the time to make a note sound as a whole instead of "staccato" 16ths. Overall I think Step Sequencer is more childish than Piano Roll which is more versatile and flexible. I wish I could master Staff View but my score writing skills are almost non existent 😕 Anyway thanks for your help. PS. English is not my native language pls forgive any grammatical errors.
  5. Hi all. Totally new on this so pls bear with me. 😊 I've successfully finished writing my first drum part. I mostly write small midi drum clips and then arrange them on the clips plane the way I want. My problem is that when I play the whole part, from beginning to end, the Step Sequencer editor remains active on the last clip edited and does not dynamically update as the song plays unless I merge all the clips together (which is something I want to avoid). Is there a way to force Step Sequencer to "follow" the song progression ? Hope this makes sense .....
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