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  1. Thanks scook. I don't know if I feel like spending anymore time on it. I might just take this as a sign from God that I've installed enough free plugins for a while and need to spend more time, you know, actually recording ad mixing music.
  2. I just installed a few freebie plugins. 3 or 4 were from NSP. When I did a Plugin scan, it said new plugins were found. But, when I look for them, they're not listed in the Plugin Browser or the Plugin Manager. Any ideas what's going on?
  3. I agree with the others who said to check your settings and maybe read up on Melodyne. If you want another tool though, I find Graillon by Auburn Sound works well for a free plugin.
  4. Thanks scook! I never thought about the windows magnifier. That could be a decent workaround. Now maybe I can actually use the Airwindows plugins - and the Cakewalk DX plugins as well. I can barely read those either.
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