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  1. Hi guys! It's fixed now. THATS IT!! (SOLVED!) (FIXED!) I just put the latency up to remove the clicking sound.
  2. Haha! I didn't do any effort to perform in any way. The point was to show that the sound I hear when I play projects in bandlab is really bad. It clips constantly, sounds like the sound is running through a lawnmower. The problem is that when I export it to mp3, the sound is OK, so I can't prove my point. That is why I wrote (FIXED). Actually it is not fixed but I don't know how to demonstrate the sound for you guys. Thanks for all the help and comments though. :)
  3. Hi, I get really bad sound in Bandlab, I have tried everything but dont seem to find a solution, does anyone have an idea? Here is a link to show you: https://clyp.it/kyeojmkc very grateful for help Lucas
  4. Hi, I sometimes, just want to set an auto drummer like in Garageband just to get some riffs out there, is there a drummer AI available for Cakewalk BL?
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