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  1. This is sad. I really liked mesa. I'm guessing this is going to raise the value of pre-Gibson Mesa amps.
  2. Chandler

    Melda MDelayMB

    MDelayMB is a really nice delay that is much deeper than it appears at first glance. Here is a video I did utilizing some of its features.
  3. Here is a quick run through of a few things it can do. It's a really useful plugin.
  4. Unfortunately the sale is over, but I did make a video showing how to use MDrumEnhancer and how it can help improve your recorded drum tracks. I hope you find this helpful.
  5. No promises, but I'll try to do a video on it. I don't do live drums often, but I think I have some live drum tracks I recorded badly a few years ago on my old computer. I'll see if I can cook up a tutorial.
  6. Chandler

    KC Strut

    Thanks everyone. I've been trying to get some music done while things are shut down. I play a schecter strat style guitar. Its almost exactly like a strat, but with a thinner neck, humbuckers and 24 frets.
  7. Chandler

    KC Strut

    This is a guitar instrumental with a funk fusion flavor. I wanted to do some interesting guitar stuff, but I wanted it to still be listenable. Tell me what you think.
  8. It sounds really good. It develops the theme well, but has enough variation to keep things interesting. Short and sweet, but really enjoyable.
  9. Chandler

    Uncertain Future

    Thanks. I have that problem with playing too. I often play too much to soon, so I tried to calm down for this one. Thank you for listening.
  10. Chandler

    Uncertain Future

    I've had a lot of free time this year and I decided to try to make the most of it by writing some music. I've always wanted to try to combine guitar and electronic music together, but some of my previous experiments haven't gone so well. Perhaps this is a bit better though. Its all instrumental and I hope you enjoy it.
  11. I bought a M2 about 3 months ago. So far its working really well and the latency is lower than my focusrite 2i4. So far so good. It also has a loopback feature, which is useful for me since I make youtube videos. I liked the focusrite, but IMO the M2 is better.
  12. Here is another video on using MSL with a midi controller. It shows how you can use it by sending midi notes to MSL, although it could also be done with midi CCs. I hope you find this useful.
  13. I already have, I'll release it later today. It isn't too difficult, but some things might be hard to figure out at first. The biggest problem I had was using my FCB1010. That thing is really annoying to program. Once I got the hardware worked out, hooking up to the software was much easier. Anyway, the video will cover how to hookup a midi controller for use with the record, next, previous, etc buttons. I'll post it here when its released. Here is another video I made with a more musical example.
  14. It does have all those fx built in, so you can use them without having to buy anything else AFAIK. DAWs can do something similar, but I find it hard to work with and not as fun. I found there was much more stop and go in a DAW. I just looked and it doesn't come with all the effects. It works like MXXXCore. The effects that you've bough previously are unlocked, but others aren't. Some basic FX are included though. I have to total bundle, so for me it looked like everything was unlocked. Thanks. I want to do more videos about this that are a little more interesting, but I felt this needed some explanation of how to just open it and get started making music quickly.
  15. For those that are wondering how to get started with MSuperlooper, I made a quick video explaining the basic functions and modes. I hope this helps.
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