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  1. MCabinet isn't really an impulse loader like other products, it more of an impulse creator. Of course you can load IRs into it, but you can also create your own from scratch or twist and mangle your existing IRs.
  2. Chandler

    Melda 39

    If we're doing plugs, I'll throw this in. This is a video I made last week on using MTremeloMB to create pumping sounds.
  3. Thanks. I love delay too. Sometimes a little too much.
  4. I decided to make another video and this time its on circular delay. Fans of Steve Lukather will hopefully enjoy this, but I think even non-guitarists can use this for all sorts of fun effects. I hope you find it useful.
  5. I would recommend that you have it set up by a professional and perhaps have the action lowered. Of course some people prefer a higher action and think it sounds better, but a lot of people have quit guitar because its too hard on their hands and it really doesn't need to be that way. I'd start with a lower action that's easier to play and then later if you want you should raise it once your skills have increased.
  6. This is a really cool free plugin. I imagine the free version is even better. I did a walkthrough of it here.
  7. This is a tutorial I made on how to create infinite riser fx in MSoundfactory. This is known by many names such as Shepard tones, Risset Glissando, etc, but this has been popularized recently by the movie Dunkirk. I hope you find this helpful.
  8. I thought I'd share a video I made of the new additions to MTuner. Its a really cool freebee. I've heard the midi out doesn't work unless you unlock the free bundle, but just the polyphonic function is awesome. I hope you find the video useful.
  9. Sorry I'm a little late, but here is a new video I made showing how you can use MCabinet and MFreeformEqualizer to create acoustic guitar IRs. This might be helpful for those who play acoustic, but don't have access to space to mic their guitars. Hopefully you find this useful.
  10. Here is a quick video I did that will show you how you can use Melda productions MCabinet to create your own guitar cabinets from scratch. You can now create whatever sound you like and refine and polish it as much as you like. Of course I'm doing this using electric guitar, but the same concept can be done with bass guitar, etc. I hope you find this useful.
  11. Nice. It seems like a long time since the last issue. I’ve been looking forward to this.
  12. Here is another video showing how you can use MCabinet with IRs you already have. I hope you find this useful.
  13. Thanks everyone. I'll try to put out another video soon showing how you can use it to alter IRs you already have.
  14. Hi Dave, As for your question, the answer is no, although you could if you wanted to calculate those values yourself in another program or on paper. If that is your personal definition of physical modeling synthesis, then this isn't it. AFAIK there is no physical modeling synth that does anywhere near what you're saying PM is. The majority PM synths don't calculate those things in real time and most of the time they don't calculate them at all. For example AAS Tassman, Chromaphone or String Studio don't do anything like what you're proposing. The SWAM strings are said to use PM synthesis, but you can't change the type of strings or increase the string length beyond the lowest note. The violin body isn't even modeled, it uses an IR. These are still referred to as physical modeling, but if you don't think so that's fine. I guess you could call it resonance synthesis or something, but why make up a new word for something that is already understood. I appreciate your critique, but I feel like we're arguing over whether a cucumber is a fruit or a vegetable.
  15. Thanks. Its really amazing all the things it can do. I’ll try to do more videos in the future, explaining more things you can do with it.
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