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  1. Matthew and Jim -- Thanks so much! YES, this FD case looks like it will be just what I'm looking for!
  2. Wondering if any of you who have completed DAW builds over the past year can recommend a Quiet Case. I am noticing that many cases (i.e. Fractal Design and Be Quiet! in the $80-130 range) are not including bay(s) for optical drives. I still have reason to burn CDs. So, I believe I'm looking for: - 1 external access optical drive bay (5.25") - External (top or front) access to USB 3, USB 3.1 (USB - C connection), ideally TB3 - 4+ SSD drives. 4+ SATA HDD bays - 6+ PCI card external outs - Well-ventilated, good airflow design - Acoustical damping material - super silent fans (2+ included); room for more (top and rear) - good, flexible routing options. So, not too small a case. - I don't care about lights. Anything else I should be thinking about? Thank you so much for any recommendations! Craig
  3. Jim, I have heard that the 9900k runs quite hot. If multi-threading isn't such a big deal for DAWs, is the 9700k a strong option? (i.e. runs cooler, save $150). Also, What's the best way to contact you for a consultation? Craig
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