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  1. Sorted. Just kept clicking the X a few to close the window that was opened and was able to carry on.
  2. Hi there, Get this on the assistant when I get to the @ sign on my email address. Help!! Thanks Pete
  3. Martins, Thank you very much. You have been very helpful!!
  4. Aah!! So, what does the interleave do. Why would you use it?
  5. Hi Martins, In Studio One for instance you have add track. You have the choice of adding a mono track or stereo track. So, are you saying when I select insert audio track in Bandlab it's a mono track? Husq
  6. Hi all, My question: When recording a guitar track for instance, do you set the track interleave to mono or leave it as stereo or does it not matter? Thanks Husqvarnia
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