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  1. Appreciate the quick response from both of you. I believe that plug-in is in the Process tab / Apply effect/ Midi Effects area. For some reason they are all grayed out now, since connecting to the Novation Launch Key 61. Guess I'll have to make sure I have the settings right for that. I went to Control Surface, selected ACT Midi Controller -1. The Input port is the Launchkey Midi, the Output port is Launchkey Midi. That looks right. The ACT & WAI boxes are checked. I switched to Cakewalk Generic Surface, same situation - All the options in Process tab are grayed out. Making my way through Novation LaunchKey manual, probably don't have that set up right yet.
  2. New to the forum and already have needed help on two issues. I have been using Cakewalk since the late 90s. Had Sonar Pro before the purchase of CW by Band Lab. Have a Yamaha P-35, great keyboard for playing, but not designed to for Midi. No matter how hard I played it was couldn't get over 70 on the velocity scale ( 0-127). Talked with Yamaha, read online, this was an issue for others. So I would play, select the entire track /clip, then increase velocity in the Piano Roll. No mod or pitch bend wheel on P-35. I wanted to use more virtual instruments, time to get a midi controllers. Didn't need a lot of bells & whistles, so I picked up a Novation Launch Key 61 today. Set it up. I couldn't believe it, same problem. Even played with different velocity windows - Lo / high. I even turned it off, so every note would be loud regardless of touch. Everything went through at 127. At the regular settings, low 70s was top velocity I was getting. I have no idea if I have a setting somewhere in velocity scale or some where else. Is it the freaking computer, a dell with an i5 processor, 12 GB of Ram, which seems unlikely, but who the hell knows. I have to believe it's something in Cakewalk, in my settings It's driving me crazy. After all these years I'd hate to leave CW, love the look of the tracks & everything. But if I can't fix this, it may be time for Ableton, or Cubase. Any help on this would be a godsend. jt
  3. Mark, I have that voucher and it's a no brainer at $ 75. Maybe I should delete the version of Kontakt I have an upload 6. That should solve the problem.
  4. Mark, Okay I'm not crazy. What you are saying makes perfect sense, it sounds crazy, playing with the Mod wheel all the way up. It sounds like there is an issue with controller setting between the two. Of course Kontakt is impossible to reach for support. They have a chat open 3 hours a day, but they are mostly just sales people. I can try their forum and see if I get any answers. I'm looking to purchase the Native Instrument Session Guitarist Acoustic Picked. I'm hoping I can simple upload directly into my DAW, like the Ample guitar VIs. If I have to use the Kontakt player, it wouldn't make sense to buy it. Really incredible sounds, lots of patterns, etc. Really appreciate you taking the time to help me. It was insane. All my other VST worked fine.
  5. Hi Everyone, Has anyone else had issues using Kontakt player in Cakewalk. I inserted it as a Midi Source with First Audio Output checked. I open the Kontakt player and on the right panel loaded an instrument from the Play Series Selection - Hybrid Keys. I have the Output/Midi Channel on Kontakt set as default - Output: St 1. . Midi Ch: {A} 1. I have my keyboard connected to the Focusrite interface. On the Input on the MIDI track, it's says Omni -None. I change that to Focusrite USB MIDI. Yes I have the monitor button checked I hit a note on my keyboard. I hear it, see the meters moving in both the MIDI & MIDI/Analog channel. I see the note being played on the keyboard at the bottom of the Kontakt player. So I hit record on the MIDI channel in CW. I hear it as I record it, When I play it back. I hear it very faintly. I go in and boast all the velocities way up. It's a little louder, but still way below what it should be with velocities all above 110. I see the meters moving on both CW tracks, but so faint. I push hard on a piano key, it's still very faint. The meters on the Kontakt player are moving a little, but not as high as when I was recording. I have absolutely no idea what is going on. I upload my XLN Keys exactly the same way. No issues. I record and it plays back at the same level as I recorded it. So the only thing I can think of is there is some issue with the Kontakt player & Cakewalk. I even followed the instructions of a few people on YouTube who showed how to upload and play a Kontakt instrument through the Kontakt player in Cakewalk ? Same problem. They also have something called Komplete Kontrol, I found the same Hybrid Keys in there. Played it and it recorded through Kontakt player. Play back was also very weak. Maybe I'm missing something, but it's exactly the same way I load and play XLN Keys in Cakewalk & no issues there. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Spent hours trying to figure it out, no luck jt
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