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  1. Hi Mark, Happy holidays first of all. I did purchase the SG Acoustic Guitar. Had trouble with the download, stopped and started 3 X. Took forever 1 1/2 hours. Then during the installing process. I got a File Decompression error. A few minutes after that, it went Green "Installation Complete". I had updated my Kontakt 6, and then opened the new product. It didn't work and the home screen was not right. I sent an email today, I will probably have to try again. Still having that issue with CbB. Upload any instrument from Kontakt player, put down a track, go to play it back and you can barely hear it. Try to play another track. nothing in the meters. Some one in tech support is going to have to help. I'm going to try and select default settings in CbB in Preferences. Maybe it's my damn computer. It's so frustrating
  2. Hi Billy, Thanks for the update. I agree, there should be a good number of people using NI. I know the drums sets Battery & Studio Drummer are used by a lot of people who do digital recording. Have a good Christmas!
  3. Hi Everyone, I want to purchase a few of the NI VSTs and also need a midi controller. I read a great post in here from one of the staff I believe, talking about the best controllers for compatibility with CbB. Have been researching the controllers suggested in the post - Akai, M-Audio, Roland A-800 Pro and just about all of them out there. It would seem that not all midi controllers integrate well with every DAW. Since I've been a Cakewalk /Sonar guy since the late 90s, I'd love to stay with CbB. Does anyone have any input on the Native Instrument controller - Komplete Kontrol A-61. Leaning that way, if it works well with CbB. Open to other suggestions on midid controllers that work well with CbB also. Thanks
  4. Great advice again. I did download the free AGM Lite, and it has a good quality. I know the AGM is also solid, both patterns & strumming. Could even get both, just so impressed with sounds of SG Acoustic Picked, their relatively new one. But you nailed it, unless my midi controller can produce a wide range of velocities, the Guitar VSTs won't deliver what they can. I'm torn between a controller that just has a mod & pitch bend wheel, like a M-audio 88 or a controller with a basic set of pads, faders. etc that allow you to work in the DAW with more ease. I'm leaning towards the latter, like to have at least 61 keys. Open to suggestions . LOL. Going to spend some time tonight searching on the net.
  5. Variorum, Thanks again, there are some very bright guys in here for sure."Photo-diodes" never hear that before . LOL. I knew there were velocity issues with the Yamaha P-35. In fact I was testing it in MIDIOX as your message arrived. They have a sensitivity setting "Fixed". I had asked a tech support person at Focusrite about the velocity issue years ago & he said, " I assume that FIXED value will be either 127 or 64". I didn't know about MIDIOX then so I wasn't sure. When I hit keys on the Fixed everything is 40. 40 that's even below the 64. The "Soft" setting gets the highest number when I hit a key hard - 45 I knew about the P-35. I was just shocked the Novation Launchkey I brought home yesterday also had such low velocities. Maybe just bad luck. I'm hoping another midi controller I buy won't have these velocity issues. The whole reason I care is that I'm going to get the NI- Session Guitarist Acoustic Picked. Many of the articulations, like hammer-ons & pull-offs depend a variation in velocity. So I want the velocities as I record to capture the articulations. Selecting the track in Piano Roll and lifting all the velocities at once is not the best way to get what I want.
  6. Do I have something wrong on The Project Midi page ?
  7. Took it back to the store this morning. The guy at Sam Ash was a midi controller guy & I told him about all the suggestions I received last night. I even plugged in my Scarlett interface to my other computer, downloaded Reaper. Set up the LaunchKey 61, figured out pretty quickly how to record a track. Same issue low velocities. He said Novation would certainly make their controllers work with CW. He believes maybe in my Controller Surfaces set up, I don't have it set correctly. Or somewhere else in my CW MIDI setup, something isn't set up correctly? IBut then why the same issue with Reaper Here's a screen shot, the only thing I see highlighted is the Import ACT data. I click on it it goes to an upload page to search what's on my computer for a XML Map file or go out to the net for a file. I can;t see how a map file would affect velocities. I even tried the SI Bass in CW, recorded a track. Hit the keys firmly and only managed a 72 as top velocity. The mystery continues. The on;y common in all I've done is the Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 interface. I sent them an email this morning, asking if they have seen this before? It's still a freaking mystery.
  8. I appreciate that. The series has a good rep but maybe it's more for the MK 2 or I just have a faulty one. I tried a few more instruments, the SI-Bass and Ample Guitar M2 Lite. Both came in with velocities around 55- 65 as top velocities. So the XLN Keys, & these other two had velocity issues. It's getting late better call it a night. If the help I've received in here tonight is any indication, the people in here are fantastic. Thank you everyone. Think I'll play my trusty Yamaha P-35 for a few minutes & then call it a night !
  9. Sorry I lost your last message a second ago
  10. okay I will close MIDI OX and try again to open CW. You were right, as soon as I closed MIDIOX, CW opened
  11. I have 12 GB of Ram an Intel i5 and about 713 GB of storage left in Hard Drive ??
  12. I had closed CW, then opened again and got this message. Not sure where "Reason" came from
  13. User, I hit hard on some keys and got up around 51 as a high. Some are weird and show Data 2 as 4D, 4A, B3... most are numbers
  14. User, Wow, thank you for going to such lengths to help me. Actually everyone in here has been incredible. I did try different velocity setting in the Novation. They have low, high & OFF.. When OFF is the setting everything is 127. On low and high the velocities that show in the event window are still low. Hitting the key hard in Low, has top velocities of about 50. On high 64 - 68 are the top numbers. Unless the Novation send a range of up the @ 70, I would think the velocities in Event View should be over 100 on the top end. I'm going to see if I can get someone in tech at Novation to tell me their ranges, what might be going on. It could be the PC, I will hit some more keys and see what I get
  15. Have MIDIOX open, I think I figured out a few things. Selected the device - Novation. Clicked on Display Raw MIDI data. See results in window as I press a key - First note indicated Status = 90 Data 1 = 43 Data 2 = 23 . Not sure if this is good or not ? Any though scook
  16. User the manual of the Novation I assume you mean, what velocities is it supposed to send. I'm making my way through the manual since I downloaded it today.
  17. Thanks everyone. I have downloaded MIDIOX, will run it and see what it tells me. I only have two device used for music production connected to the PC. One is the Novation LaunchKey controller I picked up today. From the Novation right into the computer, via a Hosa (brand name) High speed USB cable Type A to Type B. Plugged into a slot on the back of the computer. The other is my FocusRite Scarlett 2i4 Interface.
  18. Wow, that's an area I didn't even think of, that the problem may be with my DELL computer and the data stream. I will definitely look at MIDI OX. That could also be the reason my Yamaha P-35 which is not a midi controller, but sends MIDI data and my old Ensoniq SQ , which is an old midi controller with Mod & pitch wheels, also sent low velocities. If it's the PC & can't be fixed, time to get a new one. LO
  19. I looked at that page and we are talking about the same thing, what you are calling the FX Rack, is what I naively call the FX box to the right on the track. I see it also appears near the top of the Inspector Strip. I route audio tracks to Buses, for things like Reverb, delay, compression, I don't load them in FX Racks on the track. So I should play around with creating a Bus for this velocity MIDI effect. I could route MIDI tracks to that Bus, see how that works. But to my earlier question, this isn't normal getting low velocities from a midi controller and having to use something like this MFX? By the way, thank you so much for your patience & your help. Same to all the others who posted helpful suggestions.
  20. scook I will check it out. Maybe have to set it on each midi track. But do you agree this is unusual. Most ppl who use a MIDI Controller like this Novation LaunchKey 61, don't have to place a velocity effect on their MIDI tracks?
  21. Variorum, Yes, I noticed the Volume on the MIDI track was at 101. I increased to 127. I also turned up the gain to 50. It recorded and played back at the expected volume. The velocities in the Event View were still only 64 at the highest.
  22. scook. I set the scale to 182 and touched nothing else. The volume was up and the dynamics were back. When you say the MIDI FX Rack, I'm not sure where you are referring to. I clicked on it in the browser and brought it over into the track lane. Put it in the FX slot. Is that where you are referring to.. Does that mean I need to place this MFX in every midi channel. I worry about the articulation on something like Session Guitarist Acoustic Picked, id the velocities are going in at 64 and under
  23. This is great feedback. I found the MIDI effect velocity in the Browser. I dragged it into the FX box on the channel strip. I didn't adjust anything the first row was Set To , it was at 100. The volume recording and on playback was where it should be. When I checked on Events View the readings were still very low 20 -40. So great it's louder, but there's no dynamics, I push a key easy or hard and same level of volume. This is insane,
  24. I did have the MIDI track selected, but everything under Apply Effects was grayed out.
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