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  1. Hi, I clicked the option to update Cakewalk by BandLab but it shows Installing for quite some time, at least 20 minutes. The status bar went from 0 to 100% "Installing" keeps flashing. Has anyone else encountered this issue? Thanks.
  2. I had actually did that a few years ago. It's almost as if Windows 10 sees the integrated card and whenever Microsoft releases updates, it reverst to the Creative. I will have to check it again. Thanks so much,
  3. Hi, Sorry to trouble everyone. I did some checking because it bothered me that Cakewalk by Bandlab was freezing up when I opened a file on a song I recorded. At first I thought it was the last update but then I realized that Microsoft also ran updates as well. When I checked the Audi device drivers, instead of Roland Quad Capture being selected, Creative was selected. I had disabled Creative in Windows 10 but I can't remove the card because it is integrated onto the motherboard. I guess when the windows updates run, it still sees the card and defaults the drivers to Creative. Anyway, I switched it back to Roland and now the files open without any issue. Again, my apologies for not checking that first.
  4. Hi, I submitted a ticket but just curious if anyone is experiencing issues where you try to open a Cakewalk file and your Cakewalk freezes and then reboots? I am using Windows 10, and a window pops up that says something along the lines that something went wrong and the system will reboot. I was able to open files before the latest update but I ran the recent update and am now not able to open files. Thanks.
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