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  1. Tks Mate, I believe that it's indeed the best option. I believe I have seen a video from Junkie XL that have this type of automation but it's in another DAW platform. Cheers my friend!
  2. Tks Outrage Production, this is what I do but I was wandering if these is a way that Cakewalk would find and show the tracks with data only. Let say that there is only data on tracks 10 / 105 /205 etc. and not necessarily on the same measures, so I don't have manually to find them and check them one by one. I believe that some other DAWs have this feature.
  3. Hi All, I have a production template of about 240 tracks (multiple percs / synths / basses / orchestral etc..) So I created multiple filters in the piano roll view and also in the track manager & console view for each categories and blends of categories. My question is, when it's time to mix the project I would like to know if there is a way (maybe a CAL or else) that would find only the tracks with data (midi or audio) so I would not have to create a filter by selecting myself one by one the tracks with data and it would also apply to the track manager of the console & track view. Cheers All Claude H
  4. That's really great Variorum, Tks I will indeed work with that avenue!! Cheers!
  5. Tks All! I spend my afternoon doing it manually. Indeed would be a nice feature, to be able to select all articulations and shift all their values in one action. Cheers All!
  6. Hi All, I have a some articulation maps that I need to transpose from ex.: C0 to C2 (2 oct+) Is there a way to make this like a transpose all or do I need to make the change in the editor one by one?
  7. Tks Guys, I didn’t reformat anything but I will indeed validate if I may have edited something by mistake. Tks for your help, I’ll give you feedbacks soon! Claude.
  8. I did it also, old projects or new ones, I also tried with different themes without success or by loading track presets.
  9. Hi All, I have an issue with the above-mentioned modules inside the prochannel. It's seems since the latest update that I don't see the correct skins for these modules. See image attached. Hope someone could help me out with this Cheers! Claude H
  10. Tks all, The weird thing is if I load Modo drum in a blank project I get this empty white screen. But if I load it in a project template including the SSD5 drums I can see it perfectly and it is not crashing. I have no clue why but again it works . Thanks all
  11. Don't ask me why but now it works perfectly! It's bit strange, buy hey it works so I'm happy!
  12. Hi Johnny, I reinstalled again , everything is in place but unfortunately same issue. Hopefully will get a solution soon. Cheers!
  13. Tks Johnny, I will try this today and see if it works Thanks for your help! Claude.
  14. Tks Johnny, Do you know the file structure? Should the .VST3 be in the same file with the libraries? I'm missing something for sure.
  15. Hi All, I have the crashing known issue with Modo Drum but with a little twist. It's in a new PC under windows 10. As a standalone it works perfectly, but inside Cakewalk it crashs. But also when I click on the synth rack to see the drum it opens but the screen remains blank.See pics) I don't see the synth but I can hear the drum when playing midi. I tried vst 2 as specified in a previous thread but without any result. I reisntalled the plugin thru the IK site just in case but same issue. Tks guys!
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