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  1. Thanks alot Base 57. The Shift/Ctrl option works for me as well. Definitely hope the problem eventually gets looked into by the devs. I'll try my best to adjust to the alternative method. True David Baay, I'm at a huge loss as it pertains to the cause of the error. The function worked well when Sonar Platinum brand was at its conclusion. I initially hypothesized the problem occurring during the major update. However I could be wrong as this is my very first Band-lab experience since the Sonar X era.
  2. Ah, many thanks David, I thought it was going crazy or that the insertion of my custom keyboard layout screwed up the function. Really praying the issue can be eventually fixed. That right click panel is really essential for fast notation editing workflow.
  3. I’m not quite sure if this is the right place to post this, as I was initially in search of the technical assistance forum category. I have just recently made the migration to the new cakewalk bandlab. I am wondering if it is just me or if anyone else has problems with their right click pane in the staff view. Any highlighted notes do not stay highlighted whenever I right click in an empty area near the staff region, which consequently renders most of the options in the right click pane void. It’s no secret that the functionality of what was once considered one of the best staff-editors in a daw had incrementally deteriorated with “updates and fixes” during the sonar-X era. I just wish to confirm if my essentially useless process pane is a newly added feature since I did not see anything about it in the update notes.
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