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  1. I was thinking about this today - As convenient as the Instruments panel in the browser window is to drag VST instruments over to create new tracks, I have several Track Templates that have split audio or Pro Channel settings baked in so I use Track Templates instead. Wouldn't it be great if we could have the same kind of hierarchical panel for Track Templates as well? That way my most commonly used templates would be available for drag-n-drop rather than having to right-click, insert track template, choose template type, choose template. Thoughts?
  2. Hoping the collected wisdom can help me here. Just got a Maschine Mikro Mk3 and would like to use it to control AD2 and other instruments. I've followed the instructions in this thread but was not successful in getting midi to record. I've also checked out some posts on Native Instruments but none have provided any success. I would really appreciate any guidance here. It's been a frustrating 48 hours and I just feel like I'm missing something really obvious. Thanks in advance. Eric
  3. This is called "Scrubbing" in the DAW world. Here's a link to the docs on how to use the "Scrub" tool. CAUTION! I just tried this and I get a "white screen" fail if the audio engine is running. This has been reported in other threads here. It seems to work for some and not for others. http://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=Tools.17.html Hope that helps.
  4. Agreed. Completely flawless update even with a project open (but saved).
  5. Thanks for the input John! I did, in fact, have some ReaRoute ASIO drivers installed (but not enabled) in Cakewalk. Not sure how they got on the system but no matter. I removed the drivers and reset the timing master to my Steinberg UR44 and things have improved SIGNIFICANTLY. I'm still getting a few millisecond shift backward after recording (barely noticeable). I'm going to run some loopback tests as suggested in your video. Thanks for this and for the very helpful videos! Eric
  6. Hi All - I'm sure this is a "duh!" kind of problem but here it is: I'm recording bass and guitar parts using ASIO but on playback, the parts are playing back several ticks early. It's an overall timing problem. I can nudge the entire clip to line up on the beat and things work fine from there. Did I mess up some setting or other? Why don't these parts line up after recording? I don't remember ever having to nudge clips before. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks Eric
  7. Hi Nigel - Thanks! They were in fact the actual hardware synths. The piece was written and produced between 1994 and 2002 and went through several iterations. For example, I began writing it on an Ensoniq SQ-1 and Roland D-50 back in the day. The version I posted had some minor tweaks in 2001-2002 and sounds replaced with The Kurz and the Roland JV-2080. I've pretty much moved to all soft synths at this point but I still have the Kurz and JV if I ever want to pull them out. I'm pretty happy with what can be done in soft synths and samplers, especially within CbB.
  8. Resurrected this from 25 years of tinkering on various Cakewalk releases. This is the 2002 version that I finally settled on. Title: "Across the Longest Night" Synths: Kurzweil K2500 and Roland JV-2080 https://www.bandlab.com/ericbrad/across-the-longest-night-11d9fef7?revId=e06d495a-6949-eb11-a607-0050f28a2802 No elves were harmed in the making of this music.
  9. Hey all. I've been fighting with this for a week now. I did an upgrade on Band-in-a-Box 2020 to their October version 734 update and ever since I cannot load the VST3 version of their plugin. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Band-In-A Box as well as CbB. I am running the most current versions of both. The error popup reads: "The following VST plug-in failed to load: (80004002)" and shows the location of the VST3 file." Clicking OK yields another popup that reads: "Failed to insert soft synth. The synth may not be properly installed." Unfortunately I've had no response from PG Music (Band-in-a-Box) and hopefully someone here has some insights to remedy this. By the way, the plugin loads and performs fine in the REAPER DAW. So...I'm out of ideas. Thanks for any help!
  10. Thanks for the link John. Checking out the solutions from there. Much appreciated Eric
  11. Weird issue that started after the 2020.11 update for me. Sometimes when I close my CbB application, the executable cakewalk.exe stays in memory and that prevents me from launching the app again. I can open the Task Manager and kill the process and then everything works just fine. But it's a pain in the butt. Is this normal behaviour or has something messed up with my install? Thanks in advance for any advice!
  12. Is it possible to generate guitar charts/lead sheets in CbB Staff view like the one below? I know you can place chord names or even grids above a staff, but there doesn't seem to be a "slash" option, only various clefs. Thanks in advance, Eric
  13. Thanks for confirming this. Yes, I typically use the editor in PRV to draw these kinds of values. Appreciate the help.
  14. I was playing with Articulation maps and I totally get how to do "key switching" in various forms to send single CC values. What I can't figure out is how to do a linear increase of a CC (e.g., CC 1 for modulation/vibrato) from 0-127 over the duration of the Articulation. Is this capability not there or am I just being dense? Thanks for any help on this. Eric
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