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  1. Also, just noticed that IK's Custom Shop has a Miroslav Philharmonik 2 Crossgrade (from IK products over 99 eur/usd) for 100 gear credits.
  2. Already have it, but...might be a great bargain, if it can be used in a future group buy.
  3. If it's just a few weeks, maybe you are eligible for a free upgrade - I suggest you ask their support
  4. MPS 2.1 to 3 upgrade for $99 USD (+ VAT) https://recordingsoftware.com/product/izotope-music-production-suite-3-upgrade-3/ Edit(h): deal seems to be over already
  5. FYI: I had just registered my MPS 2.1 this morning, and I kindly asked them if they have a grace preriod. And they do! I just don't know how long it is.
  6. Yup, I posted this as a Lesson learned for others. I had JHAC for that upgrade price in my Custom shop, probably because I have Amplitube 3. I thought there's a high chance this will be valued at the full price in the group buy, because there were other examples. I mean the highly discounted Fender collections, and especially the ARC system 2.5 crossgrade people bought directly from IK for 99 eur (discussed earlier in this thread). By the way, the ARC crossgrade isn't listed in the qualifying products.
  7. Proceed with caution... I purchased an upgrade to Jimi Hendrix Anniversary Collection (39.99 eur in Custom Shop). It didn’t open any freebies in the group buy. IK support told me that it’s value is exactly that and not 99 eur as is the full price of the collection.
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