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  1. It's on! I ended up getting the MFreeFXBundle for free because I had 20 credits from signing up for the newsletter (nowadays it's 10 credits) and I used a referral code from here. Now I have a referral code / Melda voucher as well: MELDA5554563 . You can use it for -20% off!
  2. Also, I think the free fx don’t have oversampling. I’m going to upgrade the MFreeFxBundle once the sale is live - but currently there seems to be another four-plugin sale for the next week...
  3. In their own website they offer upgrades to the full bundle. I own only Movement, and after logging in I see this price: "Your personal upgrade price: €583 €379 inc VAT" I think it's the best price I've seen.
  4. There mainly two or three problems with Waves: - installation and sporadically missing plugins - WUP - lack of oversampling (or is there?)
  5. I think it was actually $249 for update from Vol 1, and also from Summit Audio Grand Channel (-50 % sale)
  6. Funny thing. The price is $219 again
  7. FYI: ”Hi, the price has been fixed to $199, but we no longer can offer the free upgrade to Vol 3, that was a limited offer and we ran out of the free upgrades. It no longer states that in the description.”
  8. The new scale assistant seems cool:
  9. I saw a text after registering my account about a $10 "reward money" that one should receive after giving their information, but I don't see it in my account anywhere. Does anyone know how it should work? Or was the text just wrong, because I received a $5 sign up credit... The text was: "You’re one step from your $10 credit. Simply register below to set up your login information. We’ll automatically add $10 to your account. And hold on to your credentials — you’ll need to be logged in to use your $10 credit."
  10. How come I see a price of $219?
  11. Or if you wish to keep Cubase semi-up-to-date and save money: Update it to 11 when they have their update sale. And then buy only the major-to-.5 version updates (optimally during sales), which are cheaper than the .5-to-major updates, and always wait until the next major (or the following major) version is released before registering, as they always give the latest version when you register it. And then again, buy the update to .5 version, and hold on to it.
  12. I'm not sure how it works if you register the update serial within the grace period. But, in my experience if you register an unregistered serial, they will give you the latest version of the software at the moment. So, if you currently have Cubase Pro 10, and you are holding an update to 10.5 license: If you register it after v. 11 is released, you will get a version 11 license. But, if for some reason you register it after 11.5 is released, you will get 11.5. If you wait until v12 is released, you will get that. The important thing is that the update license works for the version you have registered. So, if one wants to save money but update Cubase occasionally, the most optimal way is to have the major version registered (7, 8, 9, 10, 11) and buy an Major to Major.5 update license before the Major+1 version is released (cheapest in their yearly sale) - and hold on to it. And register the update license after the next major version (or maybe skip one if you wish) is released, and then buy the update to .5 again. If you don't buy the Major to Major.5 update license before the Major+1 version is released, updating will cost much more - then you only have the option to buy the update from your owned version to the latest version, which costs more depending on how many version there are in between. Also note that the update from Major.5 to the Major+1 version costs a little bit more than Major to Major.5. Current prices: Update to Cubase Pro 10.5 - from Cubase Pro 10: 59.99 €. - from Cubase Pro 9.5: 159.99 € - from Cubase Pros 7-9: 199.99 € - from Cubase Pro 4-6.5: 299.99 € So, if anyone has currently Cubase 10, but hasn't bought an update yet, it is cheapest to buy the update to Cubase 10.5 now, and make sure you register it within the grace period or after the release of v11 (or hold on to it, if you think you there's not much in v11 you need)
  13. Thanks for the tips! By the way, it seems UVI has had a BOGOF sale for Falcon expansions last summer.
  14. Thanks. They added the info about selecting the expansions later, at first only the Falcon's price was dropped. I bought it, but I didn't receive the voucher code from AudioDeluxe, so I guess I can hold on with the registration to see, if they have good deals on Black Friday or not. I've been thinking about upgrading my Vintage Vault in case there is a good deal when I have the 100 eur voucher. The upgrade is usually 299 eur, which is way too much. The expansions I chose were Lofi Dreams and Plurality. Can anyone recommend other expansions? Where does Falcon shine?
  15. Best price seems to be at AudioDeluxe.com, $244, but earning $17.07 DeluxeBucks. Anyone know how the free expansions are selected? Upon registration?
  16. I got an email! Subject: "Download information for your Native Instruments purchase"
  17. Yup. "You will [receive the free update/upgrade] but it might not be automated. You'll have to contact our order team if you don't receive it:: https://support.native-instruments.com/hc/en-us/sections/360000092537-Order-and-Payment" "Yes it takes a bit of time to process everything but it's happening right now for Pre-order. Please note that the grace period licenses might take a bit more time and can take up to 48h to be available in your account." Source: https://www.native-instruments.com/forum/threads/komplete-13-free-update.427477/page-2
  18. Got this info from https://m.facebook.com/groups/916355121807800?view=permalink&id=3065440880232536
  19. I’m not sure of the terms and if it has been verified by NI, but some stores seem to have this info. ”For September only, register your Komplete 12 product with Native Instruments and qualify for a free update to the equivalent Komplete 13 version!” https://www.guitarguitar.co.uk/product/180906332233008--native-instruments-komplete-12-ultimate-upgrade-komplete-8-12 FREE UPGRADE TO KOMPLETE 13 VERSION IF REGISTERED IN SEPTEMBER 2020 https://www.thediscdjstore.com/ni-komplete-12-ultimate-collectors-edition-upgrade-from-ku8-12.html
  20. Tomgu

    Nebrini Holy Grail v2

    I like the Nembrinis too, have bought most of their amps within a year, but I don’t like the fact that they're charging $10 for the updates, and so soon. I don’t know if I will update any of them.
  21. Demoed it. And... now I have my first Neural DSP plugin.
  22. Maybe it was the this: My code in the email had extra whitespaces between characters. Once removed the code worked fine.
  23. For some reason, there's more free instruments on this page: https://cinematique-instruments.com/pages_instr/page_klang.php Until the end of August, I guess.
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