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  1. If you have any Sonivox instrument, you can upgrade to the Premier collection for $29 at Audiodeluxe: https://www.audiodeluxe.com/products/virtual-instruments/sonivox-premier-collection-upgrade
  2. Larry, are you sure? At least for me there is a price difference of about 7 euros (VAT)
  3. It's even less here: https://www.thomannmusic.com/eventide_generate.htm
  4. Tomgu

    AAS Chromaphone 3

    It pays to contact AAS for upgrade pricing. I asked AAS sales support if there is a cheaper bundle price than 3 x $39 for upgrading my version 2 instruments to the latest versions - that was what was offered in the website. They offer me it for $69 which is much more reasonable.
  5. I had an earlier MB Bundle from Izotope. Last year, I bought this in August (2019) for $125 from JRRshop: iZotope Music Production Suite 2.1 Upgrade from Any Advanced Product. Registered it within the Grace period of MPS3, so I got that for free. So, it can be cheaper, if you are tactical and lucky. But saying this also because that ”from any Advanced Product” should be a relief: one doesn’t always have to update to the latest bundle/suite in order to get a good price later!
  6. Maybe their strategy is to get a loooot of customers, and then get their money with v2 updates
  7. It seems Mixed in Key has a great customer service. I bought the Captain Plugins, relying on the fact that they say they have a 30-day money back guarantee. I realized today, that I would have been interested in the Producer Suite, which includes the Captain Plugins, Odesi (older standalone version of the plugins), and Mixed in Key Studio edition (key detection plugin), currently $99.40. I wrote them, if I could get a refund for the first purchase. I was prepared to wait for maybe some days before seeing a response... But within (7 edit) 5 minutes from my email I already had my money back!
  8. Tomgu

    Liquidsonics BF Sale

    Note 2 and tip: The paid (but cheap) FB Group called Control Room also has a -30% discount code currently available. And it stacks with all the other codes, if you have (upgrades, prize draw, MWTM, whatnot).
  9. Tomgu

    Liquidsonics BF Sale

    Note: Mix with the masters membership includes a -30% coupon for Liquidsonics (I don't have one): https://mixwiththemasters.com/join-community
  10. Tomgu

    PSP Black Friday Sale

    Oh, true. The discount is just considerably smaller than before.
  11. 40 percent off everything, including the brand new Comprezzore - until Cyber Monday
  12. Tomgu

    PSP Black Friday Sale

    Has PSP ditched the loyalty discount from their own shop? Previously one got a better discount depending on how much of the other products he owned, but now it seems only plugins bought at the same time is what counts...
  13. Tomgu

    Liquidsonics BF Sale

    If you entered their prize draw there is another, stackable -10% coupon. From their email: Coupon code: competition-nov-2020 Amount: 10% (stackable with loyalty coupons and valid during the sale) Validity: Today through to Monday 7 December 2020 (inclusive) Instructions: Enter the code in the basket or check-out pages Conditions: You must check-out with the same email address as you entered the draw with (i.e. the email you received this coupon via as the coupon is non-transferable)
  14. Tomgu

    Liquidsonics BF Sale

    Some interesting deals on their website as well: https://www.liquidsonics.com/store/ https://www.liquidsonics.com/bundles/ DEAL HIGHLIGHTS Ultimate Reverb Bundle Normally $1245.00* Now $479.00 Saving over 60% (*when purchased separately) Cinematic Rooms Professional Normally $399.00 Now $249.00 Saving over 35% Seventh Heaven Professional Normally $299.00 Now $179.00 Saving over 40%
  15. Is this the "new Rhino" ? 🙂
  16. Yup, I just corrected the original post - but I wonder how it has been until now: have the new plugins, for instance TEOTE, been free for existing Premium Members? Edit: Seems that at least until now the new plugins have been free: https://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=7953979#p7953979
  17. Went to see what the Premium Membership is about. For all their current and future releases, $241 is pretty cheap! (who said no-brainer??) Edit: I read it more carefully. It says this about future releases: "Future new product releases may be free of charge or paid depending on our future decisions. When a new paid product is released we will offer an additional discount to Premium Membership users." https://www.voxengo.com/product/premium/
  18. From Voxengo.com "Black Friday, Cyber Monday, End-Of-Year 2020 Sale/Discount - Press Release November 22, 2020: Dear Voxengo users, Until 1st of January, 2021 you can purchase individual Voxengo plugins and Premium Membership, at 25% discount. By purchasing 2 or more individual plugins you will get an additional discount. This year we have decided to combine all three discount periods into one."
  19. Everything in their shop is -30 % https://shop.mixedinkey.com/alternate?productId=1009&code=BLACKFRIDAY For example: Captain Plugins + Captain Beat: $69.30
  20. Today only, -40% for the two: - How To Write Music, now €21: https://thinkspaceeducation.com/courses/htwm/ - Learn Music Theory, now €21: https://thinkspaceeducation.com/courses/lmt/
  21. Until Dec 1st. https://www.orb-composer.com/ What do you think, is it any good?
  22. It's on! I ended up getting the MFreeFXBundle for free because I had 20 credits from signing up for the newsletter (nowadays it's 10 credits) and I used a referral code from here. Now I have a referral code / Melda voucher as well: MELDA5554563 . You can use it for -20% off!
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