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  1. My resolution WRT music software will be the same as this year: 1920 x 1080... I'll get my coat.
  2. Good find! I recommend getting the freefxbundle if nothing else - the sale price combined with a newsletter credit and a referral code is a no-brainer. Here’s my Melda ref code if anyone needs one: MELDA5554563.
  3. Ok, cut the argument and put some butter in between, as we say in Finland. Rovaniemi is in Lapland, and the Lapps (Sámi) live also in Norway, so maybe you both could be right - if we don’t take into account the fact that Korvatunturi, where he actually lives, is in the Finnish part of Lapland and very close to the Russian border. BTW, nomen est omen...? Lap-land...
  4. Traditionally we don’t send loyalty vouchers in December (...they wrote the first time they didn’t send them). What they could also say: Traditionally we send surprise vouchers at the end of the mega sales.
  5. Maybe we should post only real sales from Waves, like when WUP is really cheap.
  6. With code sjskwbdk https://www.loopmasters.com/genres/155-Filmscore/products/10288-Analogue-Cinema
  7. Tomgu

    OTS Holiday Sale

    Larry The Omniscient
  8. For some reason JRRshop does not sell the Axe pack. I found it here for $214.99 (in cart), and you gain some deluxebucks: https://www.audiodeluxe.com/products/virtual-instruments/blue-cat-axe-pack
  9. Tomgu

    Uhe Sale at NI

    Note: Zebra 2 owners, who have also the Dark Zebra, will receive the upcoming Zebra 3 for free (... it's been coming for a long time, but there is hope).
  10. There's vol.2 for free today: https://www.jrrshop.com/jrr-sounds-supernatural-kits-vol-2
  11. It says "If you purchase the bundle here at pluginguru.com, the Unify and CloudCity V1 will be added to your account automatically. If you purchased Unify from one of our partner stores then please fill out THIS FORM so we can send you a license and links to download CloudCity V1." Edit: here https://www.pluginguru.com/products/unify-cloudcity-2020-holiday-bundle/ Just bought it from JRRShop. And ironically, next I will watch this:
  12. Well, it says on that same page... "Unify is ALWAYS priced at $79. We will never raise the price. We will NEVER lower the price. This way you don’t have to wait for a sale before buying and enjoying! This is THE PRICE and it will never change. That is our promise to never cheapen our plug-ins to our customers. Sound libraries we will discount from time to time, but plug-ins are 1 price and they never go below or over that price. That is our commitment to you." Is Unify Standard something else...?
  13. Waves just send me an email about Cyber Monday deals. I wonder what is wrong with them... Maybe they should stop drinking already?
  14. Sure, that's nice But if someone doesn't want to give APD their email, just noting that it's not the only place.
  15. Tomgu

    Any Sonnox Deals?

    You can try to replicate Inflator using another waveshaper and have the additional benefit of oversampling (if your plugin supports it). See: (pictures, text is en español) https://www.hispasonic.com/foros/sony-oxford-inflator-dinamics-plugins/114100#post3238655 Here is a preset for MWaveshaper https://www.gearslutz.com/board/showpost.php?p=15125058&postcount=118 and another https://sellfy.com/redpillz/p/sonnox-inflator-preset-for-mwaveshaper/
  16. I believe those are always free: https://surge-synthesizer.github.io/ https://tal-software.com/products/tal-reverb-4
  17. Nöööyy.. I can't rely on my nose anymore!
  18. My bargain nose says today is a freebie day 👃
  19. Remember to get the serial number, by clicking Activate button in your account My products page - in case they run out of serials.
  20. Kicked me out during the checkout, had to login again, but freebie in account. By the way, I don't see any mention of it being limited to a number as previous Christmas freebies.
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