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  1. I already used it, but it works the same as standard MCU. I created a topic in that forum and Azslow suggested me a decision with tuning his plugin and it works. But I don't like it because every time I need to start this plugin I have to do it manually by open plugin settings and turn it on. Anotherproblem is more difficult settings than standard MCU driver.
  2. Thanks for answer) I know about this function, but it's not comfortable to click RMB in WAI strip every time I need to change track not being in current MCU bank. If this function (given the fact it has already implemented) would be automated, it will be more comfortable to control DAW. I suggest to the programmers just need to bind function "Move Mackie Control-1 here" with clicking LMB to track)
  3. Hello! I've posted it before, wrote to Support, but my request still not realized. I have Behringer X-touch One controller. This device has only 1 motorized fader, so I need to use it by selecting track in Cakewalk. When I plugged device to Cakewalk and set it up to MCU, I can use Mackie Control built-in utility (Utilities -> Mackie Control-1). There is good option in this utility - Select Highlights Track. When I checked this option I can select track in Cakewalk by mouse and x-touch one controller automatically jumped to selected track controls. It works good, but one problem appears. All manipulations depends on MCU fader bank. When I select tracks 1 to 8 (fader bank 1) all works good. When I select, for example, 9 track I have to change fader bank in X-touch to 2, then device jumps to 9 track settings. So, I have an idea to add option in Cakewalk Utility Mackie Control: when user selects track in Cakewalk, fader bank automatically changes to selected track (e.g. if I select 24 track, fader bank automatically changes to 3)It would be realized using checkbox. I think it helps to X-touch controller jumping to active track settings no matter what track user selected. I'm not alone with this problem, please, help users to control Cakewalk more comfortable)
  4. Another update and again did not add the function of auto switching Bank of Mackie Control (for X-touch One). I don't understand, it's simple function which reads track number and transfers matching MCU bank to X-touch One.
  5. I have the same problem with Behringer X-Touch One. When I using buit-in Mackie Control Plugin and function "Select Highligts Track" it works only for selected bank, but when I select track not in 8-track MCU bank, I need to change bank first. With Behringer X-Touch One that have only one fader it's so uncomfortable to change bank regularly, so the function that automatically changes MCU bank when I select any track would be so cool for me.
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