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  1. If you have Ultimate CE13, here's what's new: Kontakt 7 Choir - Omnia Action Strings 2 Ashlight Lores Playbox Sequis Piano Colors Session Guitarist - Electric Vintage Session Bassist - Prime Bass World Series - East Asia Session Guitarist - Picked Nylon Session Guitarist - Electric Mint 40s Very Own Drums 40s Very Keys Ignition Keys Play Series - Soul Sessions Play Series - Empire Breaks Play Series - Glaze Play Series - Deft Lines (i think is new) Play Series - Melted Vibes Knifonium Ozone 10 Standard BX_Console N BX_Limiter True Peak BX_Console Focusrite SC BX_CrispyTuner Unfiltered Audio LO-FI-AF And about 30 new / additional expansions (103 total) Ain't nobody should be complaining about this lol. That is an absolutely enormous update, especially for $250 when it's eventually on sale.
  2. Have extensive UAD collection. Been without my Octo card for a while due to working mobile, and lack of non-Thunderbolt support on their Apollo interfaces. Have replaced almost everything I had on the UAD platform...for like 1/10th of the price I original purchased the UAD plugins. There is almost no reason to stay in that ecosystem unless you're invested in the hardware. Even the Spark sub isn't appealing, considering the PA sub is the similar price, has a far more diverse / extensive collection (many of which are in UAD collection), and they give a bunch of free plugins with sub. Having said that, if I can access my UAD plugins that I already own for free via Spark - and not need a subscription - then it'll be nice to get the LA2A collection back, as it's my favorite emulation. Everything else has been replaced.
  3. VST3 seems to be buggy. The Flip EQ was not displaying EQ changes in the graph. Installed VST2 and it works correctly. Not sure if it's the whole bundle, but found UI issues for VST3 in a couple of them. (Cubase - Windows 10)
  4. Yep. Love it. Much more versatile than many low end plugins like Waves Submarine, Subsynth, Bassador, etc. In my opinion anyway. Although they all have their uses...BassMint just has a few more features that are great for fx work. Although it doesn't replace Submarine for me, as Submarine does some exceptionally cool stuff in the 20hz range.
  5. Carl Ewing

    Absynth is Over?

    Really too bad. Absynth has never been eclipsed in terms of modulation / envelope control over audio source material. It's probably one of the best samplers (and granular sample engines) and sound design tools ever built, and still used extensively in film sound design and scoring. It's a great example of very very high level experimental synthesis and software engineering. Such a great companion to Reaktor too. Sad day. I know many people that will keep running that synth for a very very long time.
  6. Will definitely check them out. Very very curious to hear the Precious MTMs. I will buy them on the spot if they live up to the claims. Maybe they'll do a promo where you buy a pair and they throw in Total Studio.
  7. "Beats sound at three times the price." So that's $2400 pair for Precision MTM. So at 3x, we're talking superior to the Ocean Way HR4 8"s, or Pro3 7s, ATC SCM20 pros, or Genelec S360 SAM 10s, and the Focal Trio11 Be 10s. I'm going to say....I don't believe you're marketing people. Lol.
  8. Same. It's a much needed improvement to v1.
  9. You aren't running NASA. Professional composer for 26 years. Built my own systems most of that time. It isn't difficult. Knowing how to build and maintain my own systems, knowing each part that is in the machines I use, means I have zero downtime and require zero technical support. Ever. It saves me time and money over and over again. Meanwhile, colleagues that pay "premium" (and I said premium as a joke, I clearly meant "ripped off") to have systems built for them are CONSTANTLY calling me for technical help, because they can't be bothered to learn their own systems. Always wondering if there system is running correctly / efficiently. Never sure if a problem is software or hardware. When a problem occurs in the middle of the night, they have no idea how to diagnose and fix the problem. Because they don't understand what's in their machines. Don't understand the operating system, or how peripherals are interacting with the OS. And rely on other people to maintain critically important parts of their business, and hope those people are available when a problem occurs. You basically just advocated for a composer to outsource their technical expertise to someone that is NOT in the studio. If you have an in-house technician, then sure, outsource away. But outsourcing that expertise to someone 1000s of miles away is going to cost you A LOT money and time in the long run. Composing / producing music is a technical and creative job. You can't ignore the technical part and expect to be efficient.
  10. I could really care less. Someone's waaaay overcharging for parts then I'll call them on it. But comments like these - which seem to come every time I point out something is overpriced here - is probably why every musician I know is broke. These aren't your friends. They run a business. They want your money. The more the better. And ya - it's 2022. Maybe in 2005 you needed someone to help you build a system, because so many parts had compatibility issues. Literal children can build high end systems today. Shit, pcpartpicker will hold your hand and tell you exactly what you need and automatically flag problems in your build. Building a DAW system today is child's play. The only thing that might be a challenge for some is delidding or pasting the CPU. But you don't need to pay a $2000 premium on a $3000 machine for the service. People charging those premiums are just straight up assholes - I don't care how much charm and salesmanship they use to get people to overpay. That applies to Apple or small businesses.
  11. I'm surprised Klang isn't more popular. I don't hear about it much, but there are some very unique / cool instruments in that collection.
  12. Spitfire's app is notorious for breaking installations, even when the content isn't moved. Literally 100s of posts about this on their forum. Shit, I just opened the app and it says half of my Labs aren't installed, but they all are, and they all work fine. The App is trash.
  13. And there it is. All month's sale items back to sale price for 2 days. Lol.
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