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  1. Ok cool, already updated scarlet driver. Cakewalk version is 2020.09 Thanks
  2. hey, not sure how to check cakewalk version. sample rate 48hz -24 - asio - buffer size: 480 scarlet info: firmware: 1051 driver: 4.63.24 Error, it just freezes up and no response so i have to close cakewalk
  3. I created a selected group for the 10 drums tracks and i edit manually using slip editing technique. I've always done it this way so its weird..
  4. hey, yeah I attached a shot of my pc specs. My audio interface is a scarlet 2nd gen 2i2. Cakewalk works fine for everything except editing drums (10 tracks) Thanks
  5. hey, since yesterday i'm having problems while editing some drums... it gets error and i have to close it. Anyone's having the same problem or knows whats up?
  6. I dont have midi tracks but i need to have the project mainly for having the grid since it has tempo and signature changes. Another option that come to mind is saving the project as .mid and open that in the other daw.. then import the tracks Thanks,
  7. hello, Is there a way to export a cakewalk project in a format that can be opened with any other daw? thanks
  8. hmm ok, i guess cakewalk dont have that feature then. Thanks!
  9. Thanks but that's not what i need... Do you know if it's possible to do what i asked?
  10. Silvio Gazquez

    linking plugins

    hey guys, Anyone could help me to figure out how to link plugins in different tracks. For example, if i have a left and right guitar and i want to have an EQ (or any plugin) to work together in both tracks... Thanks
  11. I dont know what happened but suddenly it started to work. Thanks guys anyway!
  12. both and echo is on but no signal
  13. Silvio Gazquez

    midi device issue

    Hey, I'm having problems to get my keyboard controller to play in cakewalk. I do see activity signal in the little icon in the right bottom but not in the actual track. I also tested my keyboard using kontakt 5 standalone and it works fine. Also if i write a note manually it does sound. So the problem seems to be my cakewalk setup. Again, it shows my keyboard in the devices tab but not activity in the track. (check pic) thanks
  14. That's the info on the presonus website i was talking about... I just dont see my faderport in the list of surfaces as the tutorial indicates. (file attached)- If you compare compare it with mine you will notice that I just have a cakewalk generic and 3 mackies
  15. Hey there, So i bought a presonus faderport classic to use it in cakewalk but i can't seem to have it work. Cakewalk does recognize it on devices tab but when i go to add a new surface I dont see it on control surface as the presonus website indicates. There's a list of other controllers but no presonus. I have attached a file to show that. Already wrote to presonus support but maybe someone can enlighting me here. Thanks!
  16. Yeah, not that bad... But having the option of adding a group of FX busses would be helpful tho. Thanks.
  17. I was researching and its possible to create template tracks, for example a drum group of tracks and import them into a project. Also you can do that with busses. But I didnt find a way to create a group of busses, just single ones so you can add them one by one.. So my idea was being able to insert my whole template mix into a recent recording session, including all my busses FX, etc.
  18. Silvio Gazquez

    Templates question

    hello, Is it possible to start a tracking session from scratch and once I have all my tracks ready to mix insert my mix template? Or just need to export all tracks and import them into a template? thx
  19. Ok, i will try all that.. thanks!
  20. Yeah, i think i got it. Thanks
  21. Best takes for the whole kit at different times.
  22. Yes, i get the grouping thing but what i¡m struggling now is with selecting parts on different track lane. I can't find a video tutorial on that Thanks,
  23. Hmm ok, i will try that option. Thanks!
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