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  1. Yeah, not that bad... But having the option of adding a group of FX busses would be helpful tho. Thanks.
  2. I was researching and its possible to create template tracks, for example a drum group of tracks and import them into a project. Also you can do that with busses. But I didnt find a way to create a group of busses, just single ones so you can add them one by one.. So my idea was being able to insert my whole template mix into a recent recording session, including all my busses FX, etc.
  3. Silvio Gazquez

    Templates question

    hello, Is it possible to start a tracking session from scratch and once I have all my tracks ready to mix insert my mix template? Or just need to export all tracks and import them into a template? thx
  4. Ok, i will try all that.. thanks!
  5. Yeah, i think i got it. Thanks
  6. Best takes for the whole kit at different times.
  7. Yes, i get the grouping thing but what i¡m struggling now is with selecting parts on different track lane. I can't find a video tutorial on that Thanks,
  8. Hmm ok, i will try that option. Thanks!
  9. Silvio Gazquez

    multi drum takes

    i'd like to know what's the best workflow for tracking multi drum takes and being able to choose takes. I know how to do comping on 1 track but when you have 10 tracks I'm not seeing a way of doing this easily. So, to make it clearer, i want to track at least 3 takes of a 10 track drums but what is the easiest way to choose the best parts of each take?
  10. I re installed it a few times, in fact i tried with both vegas 15 and 17 and same thing. I will try to change the install folders by default and choose a different one. Thanks,
  11. Ok, i think i already tried that, will check anyway. I think I wasnt clear, Cakewalk works fine, sony vegas freezes since I installed CbB
  12. Hello, I have Sonar 6 and installed Sony Vegas Pro 17 and worked fine. Then I installed Cakewalk by Bandlab and Vegas didnt open anymore. It gets stuck here (see image) I have a PC - i7 64 bits - win 10. Any suggestions?
  13. yeah, I have watched a few tutorials but werent a big help. I will check that one anyway. Thanks for your help!
  14. Thanks for your feedback. It sounds kind of complicated and like this type of quantizing with multitracks in cakewalk is not pretty convenient. Isn't there a non cakewalk plugin or other tool to use instead of audiosnap? inside cakewalk of course
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