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  1. The korg wavestate is plugged in to the audio interface.
  2. I have a audio interface and it works fine. I can play and record soft synths.
  3. I use cakewalk and I use korg wavestate keyboard. I installed the driver's and hooked the unit to my computer via USB. When I press the power button cakewalk recognizes the unit. I would like to create a audio file in cakewalk and record the factory presents on my audio file. Not sure how to tell cakewalk to pick up my sounds coming out of korg wavestate. Help
  4. Hi Does Bandlab provide telephone support for Cakewalk like old times. Even posting a question in Forum its sometimes hard to get solution. there were instances where the Cakewalk support staff would share screen and solve the problem. can that be done thru bandlab Thanks George
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