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  1. Heyo So being somewhat stuck in my ways I'm still using a few older versions of VSTs I'm accustomed to, including NI's Battery 4. Since a particular Windows update a few months back, however, I keep running into an annoying issue. I'll save a project with a particular kit and close the program. Then, being a bit random, I might move on to other projects I'm doing and eventually get back to it. HOWEVER, next time I open it, Battery 4 will first of all, open the kit i saved with it originally BUT a couple of seconds later, automatically switch to whatever kit I had opened from whatever project I had opened the last time I used Cakewalk. Not sure I expressed that in a grammatically sensible way BUT hopefully you get the idea. Has anyone else experienced a similar thing and found a fix for it? I've broached the same subject on the NI forums but had no luck there sadly. Many thanks! tonto
  2. Hey Richard.. Yep i get that problem occasionally but, not being terribly bright I'm not too sure why. I suspect it's because my PC gets tired and wants a reboot and because it's not a particularly new system. I really only get the mix down stutter when I've had Cakewalk open for a while and never when I've just started the system up. My fix - I just do it over. Annoying, but that's what I do at any rate. I have no doubt someone clever can explain the whys and wherefores of system resources and inadequate RAM and the like. Good luck! tonto
  3. Heya - so ... I don't know what I've done to change this particular setting BUT - Once upon a time when I'd have a loop going in a project and stopped the playback somewhere outside the loop, I could just hit the rewind and it'd go firstly, to the beginning of the whole track and secondly, to the beginning of the loop. That doesnt happen anymore. It just goes to the beginning of the track no matter how many times i smash that rewind button or scold it in a cranky voice. I realise it probably has something to do with the Now Time deally but up until I magicked this problem into existence I've never had to think about it. Does someone out there know how to fix this so i can, again, be blissfully ignorant and just get back to work? Cheers! tonto
  4. You're a champ Chuck! That's exactly what the issue was! Don't know how i managed to turn it on but there you go! To be honest I didnt even know about ripple editing but I suppose that's what happens when you use the same software for years with the same methods and dont keep an eye on what new updates bring in. Thanks matey!
  5. I dont know if this is a problem peculiar to just me but i'll be interested to know if this is happening to anyone else OR if there's something simple I've overlooked. So I'm working on a project and decide to run a Cal script over the midi drums to separate individual notes into individual tracks. Once I enter all the correct fields I hit 'enter' and suddenly it's deleted a stack of the other tracks unrelated to the drums. So after a coupla more tries with the same results I abandon that idea, undo it all and just finish off a few other bits and pieces. HOWEVER, I find now that if I highlight a part in ANY track and then attempt to cut it or move it, it then removes or moves the corresponding data in every other track without even me highlighting them. If I record a new track but then delete the first take the same thing happens. On every track in the corresponding space of the deleted bit. I've been using Cakewalk since the mid 90s so it's not like I've done something obviously screwy. However, this is the first time I've encountered this weird glitch so maybe I have done something.... unforeseen... Any help would be very appreciated. Tanks! tonto
  6. Yep - tried all of the above and yet the issue persists. I just c&p'ed the midi line into a new project and it seems fine with all the right notes showing up. Im wondering if it's some sort of memory thang in my dodgy system as Im running maybe 8 VSTi's on that one.
  7. Halloo! Anyone else getting this problem? Is there a fix? The note sounds fine - it just doesnt appear on the staff. Cheers tonto
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