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  1. So the often delayed Wusik 10 is part from releasing a game that doesn't even match up to freeware. I often wonder if this guy isn't playing with a full deck.
  2. Same here. I got plenty from PA, IK, Waves.
  3. Very odd that my offer from IK without using Jam Points is $139, I have everything TRacks and AT.
  4. Still hate their player. I might as well install Waves plugins. By nature their setup prefers a single machine and getting it installed on a 2nd machine is such a hassle. This is another example of developers spending more time on trying to protect their product.
  5. The phantom sales at MF........
  6. kitekrazy

    PA AMEK 200

    I'm sure there' someone out there who spent $300 on a software EQ and claim it's the greatest thing ever.
  7. kitekrazy


    Bad web development 101 - never have a picture of your product on the home page. Must be a Linux user.
  8. A lot of work to get this. If you are expecting to do a lick or two pass on this.
  9. When they get worse other issues start to happen like locking up the system and delaying start up time. It seems plenty of drives these days elude SMART.
  10. I've got over 100gb of WA stuff. Their so called construction kits are stems. I started deleting those to cut down on space.
  11. I'd got for this if it were a lot less. After listening I probably have 1000 other apps that do the same thing.
  12. I've never bought anything DAW related based on that. 😁 Maybe once I get more involved in Max4Live I will take all of them and automate them with one click and a project comes out of them. I'll probably get this anyway,
  13. No kiddin' . I don't think I've come close to spending $59 for anything from WA.
  14. So why would one need/want this if they have Stuff exists in some DAWS Cthulhu Riffer Instachord 4 years of college music theory I have these but haven't really used them much. I am thinking about getting this one.
  15. https://www.sound-aesthetics-sampling.com/products/paradox-lost-redux/ Just another bump for this developer.
  16. I waste no time reporting it to mods. Some people just can't avoid dribbling their political piss in everything.
  17. This should be moved to the coffee house.
  18. Should we wait for the group buy? This seems like a device to promote rudeness. This thread can also derail into violating forum policies.
  19. Not showing up in product portal yet.
  20. I'd like to make a case for banning the delusion Linux user. Windows 1 Pro is $199 and a one time buy and can be used over again. It is pricey when you don't have $199.
  21. After shaving it, just buzz it every two days.
  22. kitekrazy

    Delta 1010(s)

    I guess you could give them away for ask for a small price (donation ware) and be reimbursed for shipping. I have 3 APs still in use and no issue with W7 drivers. Some still buy motherboards with PCI to use their cards. Most of those are RME users. If you got 10 years out of them give them away and ask to be paid for shipping. There other option is the local landfill or electronics recycling.
  23. kitekrazy

    Delta 1010(s)

    Good luck with that but you are trying to get an RME product and they support their legacy stuff.
  24. Is is wrong to have Wither 3 and just decided to play it? One of the reasons why I would never subscribe to Humble Bundle is you would get a lot of games you would never play. I'd suspect most of them are the type of games that are available for phones and a major title is rare.
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