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    Delta 1010(s)

    I guess you could give them away for ask for a small price (donation ware) and be reimbursed for shipping. I have 3 APs still in use and no issue with W7 drivers. Some still buy motherboards with PCI to use their cards. Most of those are RME users. If you got 10 years out of them give them away and ask to be paid for shipping. There other option is the local landfill or electronics recycling.
  2. Paul Young

    Delta 1010(s)

    Good luck with that but you are trying to get an RME product and they support their legacy stuff.
  3. Is is wrong to have Wither 3 and just decided to play it? One of the reasons why I would never subscribe to Humble Bundle is you would get a lot of games you would never play. I'd suspect most of them are the type of games that are available for phones and a major title is rare.
  4. Take charity out of the equation. No midi. No mention of included content. I've probably have downloaded 10gb of content during this virus.
  5. I have that really complicated looking one from Melda. I think I will eventually learn how to use that instead of getting more verbs.
  6. This is no different than getting free plugins and never using them.
  7. 200mb and sounds pretty good. Maybe developers are getting away from the large library footprint.
  8. Not a fan of their player or downloader but their support is excellent.
  9. I wont upgrade unless they have a deal like on BF where I got it for under $70. I got too many DAWs and it's getting to the point where buying upgrades is getting too costly.
  10. I thought it would be interesting if someone changed up the lyrics for corona. Like one roll over the line for toilet paper hoarding. Where's Weird Al when you need him.
  11. I gave Linux the boot years ago. Well said. I don't need to feel special because I know something about Linux. I'm not a tech person. People who primarily use Linux don't know how to communicate to a non tech person. Delusional at best. There's always someone who want a Linux version of a DAW and one developer said it best that they wouldn't waste time on something most of the planet doesn't use. You hit it on the head. Linux is not great for commercial use. As a anti Linux person I wish it eren't so.
  12. Some people just feel the need to take their soap box everywhere even to recipe forums. There other places for this. Some must think those at the Bandlab forums live under a rock. The virus thing can't escape from being political. This also invites incivility among forum members. There is someone always testing the forum rules. I participate in 4 other music related forums. 3 of them seem to not have to boundaries tested. If one is into posting stuff like this on a music forum site go to Vi Control. They have such a place for this. Prepared to be challenged about your views unlike this forum which is very, very, small.
  13. I've probably downloaded that much free stuff during the virus thing. I think I might have to start passing on a lot of stuff.
  14. The Kontakt ones are basically hard drive filler. You probably wouldn't use them.
  15. I may be getting there. I may download stuff then archive it.
  16. Is is wrong to have Realivox Blue and The Ladies and have not made much use of them yet?
  17. A developer worthy of support. I guess the EQ 31 is popular.
  18. I had Auto Theory Pro but not 5. So no upgrade pricing either. They have to come down on the price for me to consider. The plus side is it no longer uses iLok.
  19. There is this eye candy movement in just about everything. I find it annoying looking at PC parts like fans.
  20. This kind of stuff to a degree has been in FL Studio for quite some time. I have Riffer and Chtuhlu and I rarely open them. I'm so use to using my head or using midi files.
  21. They only have four products. I doubt their company is a full time gig.
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