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  1. Everyone charges for upgrades.
  2. This one is meh! I think they raised their prices.
  3. I've stopped buying Kontakt synths. Plenty of presets out there. Worth 99 bucks. There are some amazing 3rd party presets out there.
  4. I wouldn't count on it. It's a single developer and this is the lowest price I've seen so far.
  5. I rediscovered Sampletekk pianos and upgraded some of them to the MKII versions. They are like $5. That may be it for me.
  6. It's a phrase player and not a brass library.
  7. The smaller or older libraries dont have the Kontakt compression.
  8. You might be thinking of CM Magazine. If it gets an 8/10 most likely it's not very good.
  9. This price is nice while the upgrade price is very good. With Waves upgrades is removes the previous license so you can't install on another machine. The drawback to Waves is one install on a machine unless you create an "improvadongle". Then the WUP will eventually cost more than the upgrade price. Great plugins ruined by shit licensing. That's why they lure you into their $29 plugins. Consider TRacks - use to be 10 machine limit with deauthorizing as well. Melda you can install them on everything. Hornet - underrated developer with no fancy authorization or installers. I really like Waves but their licensing and WUP drives me away in a world with more than enough developers. The pro Waves users are like Linux users who make the same argument over and over. They fail to see the hassle if one wanted to use Waves on a laptop and going the "inventadongle" route. If you are a hobbyist Waves is not the best to invest. Funny how when plugin deals we look at is as $3 a plugin but who will really use 88 plugins. I think for one into minimal plugins you can't beat the Renn or the Musicians Bundles.
  10. Euro to US dollar makes this higher plus currency conversion fee is you are in the US.
  11. kitekrazy

    8DIO Jenifer

    I think these are a waste of money. Phrases are like buying loops but put into a sampler.
  12. Then in Feb they will release Acid 12 and expect you to buy the upgrade. Most Acid upgrades are what most developers call updates.
  13. I like their bass and compressor. They only thing they ever updated was changing the paint. I thought about getting this for system #3 but I don't care for their licensing. I have yet to discover what I have in Melda and IK. If I could go back in time when there was some contentment I would file this under the only plugins you would need.
  14. Im 2 stupid to figure out how to install some themes.
  15. That's the new trend these days along with the modular software. The only problem eith this Arturia deal is I don't have $99 to spend. Sure the stuff is new versions but the only new thing I get out of it is Augmented voices. I'll wait.
  16. The same can be said for the Toontrack keys. Drum libraries are a dime a dozen. Collecting Toontrack kits can be pricey.
  17. It's bad enough to make you screan for iLok,
  18. Nope, There use to be this code that worked and it wasn't about upgrades.
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