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  1. I was thinking of getting another license but I think I will look towards getting Spitfire Originals. They cost $29 each but the quality is there.
  2. I'm tired of unique authorizations as well or being removed because of some Windows update. Right now Melodyne is on my shit list. I have Editor v4 and it got deactivated and instead of taking you to an activation page it wants you to buy a new license. Licensing is my first factor on what I buy.
  3. Buy something new and you have to install another download manager. VSTs installers locating in SteinbergVST is so turn of the century. I have to delete those empty folders. One thing for sure once you download something be sure to archive it asap.
  4. A sax is a dangerous thing in the hands of a 10 year old.
  5. I love Trader Joe stuff but I only buy their Sleep Tea. I like dark roast coffee. Usually I buy Safeway brand because it's often on sale. I still have some whole bean Sumatra,
  6. No need for me despite the temptation to get Serum. Maybe it's because all of those presets I have will get some use. After having Artura collection, Sylenth, Spire, Harmor, Synthmaster and Sm1, not to mention the others in Reason, there has to be something wrong needing another synth.
  7. Live and FL Studio have their own and work quite well.
  8. If you try to reinstall v4 you wont be able to reactivate it without support. You will only be able to use the player. When you click to activate v4 it will not direct you to the authorization but to a buy license page. (this is with the latest installer)
  9. There's just something wrong if I ever spent $199 ($299) on an EQ. One would have to give it a great review to lure others into the same foolishness.
  10. They remind me of Magix but it is a nickle and dime money pit with frequent paid upgrades. You also pay more if you skipped an upgrade.
  11. I moved closer to Melda everything by getting the MMixing Bundle for $132. Part of me thinks I shouldn't have bought it but it is a one time purchase and no WUP or having to pay for upgrades.
  12. Got some Puma running shoes from Shoe Carnival for $30,
  13. Some DAWs now have something similar to Melodyne anyway.
  14. Ton = also referring to drive space needed.
  15. Right now there's a lot of disappointment on the Celemony FB page. https://www.facebook.com/Celemony/
  16. They now punish people for skipping upgrades. They are the Magix wannabe in being a money pit.
  17. I'm tired of hard drive bloat especially drums. Audio developers are getting as bad a game developers.
  18. It makes more sense to buy a piece at a time direct and the 70% discount.
  19. So how many of you already messed up?
  20. I found not click the upgrade part and it works.
  21. Now I have "This upgrade needs to be processed on my.presonus.com. Maybe server is bogged but this is the worst authorization process of any DAW I have.
  22. If you purchased an Update/Upgrade, please log into your account, select the menu on top, then the version you want to update/upgrade. Now click and enter the product key (serial number) we delivered. I'm on my S1 v4 page and there is no update or upgrade link. Am I that stupid or is this one of the worse C/R authorizations ever?
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