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  1. I have so many delays and they seem to have so many knobs that sometimes I just use the simple ones included in DAWs. I have Melda's Specrtal and Turbo delay whch is more than I can handle.
  2. I got this cover off iTunes (very little information on the artist) that's an instrumental and all Latin instruments. I like this better than the original. BTW I admire dudes who can shred on a nylon.
  3. Rumor has it Kontrol will eventually work with all controllers.
  4. I guess for a case of beer to be $16.99 that's Mil's Best, Miller, or PBR.
  5. I never understood using consumable examples for justifying a software purchase. But...it would be one less 1.75L of Svedka, 12 pack of Samuel Adams, who needs Starbucks when you brew your own. If you were one of those brilliant people who started investing in something like Starbucks when they came out you wouldn't be needing rent to own software.
  6. I'm not optimistic on that. Look at how they "thought" out their replacement elicenser policy. That's enough to make you like Waves WUP.
  7. https://sendy.acoustica.com/w/2RX0o6Of5FxvYVLwt2k4EQ
  8. Do any other DAWs have anything like the TTS? For working with something like this it is still one of the best apps.
  9. This actually is an advantage to make all your processor cores work.
  10. https://www.tracktion.com/products/waveform It's out now. I agree with this. This is a DAW on my cut list. I think their price is not competitive. $499 for all of their bells and whistles? It's not in the same league as the major DAWs. My upgrade for S1 Pro was slightly less than $69. Kinda reminds me of Propellar Heads. They spend a great deal of time on additives and not enough on the DAW. There's no shortage of pattern generators and just buy a plugin to use in all DAWs.
  11. Some of that stuff is in the Kontakt library so they won't show up in Native Access.
  12. If one has SD3 I cant's see why anyone would be interested in this or other drum romplers. BTW their support is excellent.
  13. I don't think that's enough for me to bite. The issue that is dodged is what happens to you v6 licenses. The fan boy posts are annoying. Those who actually bought Syncron Strings say they are a disappointment on the VSL grading scale.
  14. $49.99 using Jampoints, $52.99 buying credits.
  15. You can't combine cash and credits.
  16. Most DAW sites that are moderated tend to move stuff like this in the lobby. Remember when the previous site almost removed the Deals section?
  17. Those reruns use to be on MTV and then VH1 until those in charge decided those networks need to have little to do with music. That was a great TV show. Who remembers when Davie was on the Brady Bunch? I think AMT had a model of the Monkeemobile. I was surprised they never made a cartoon of them. I think there's a Behind the Music of them on youtube.
  18. I'm not a fan of how IK does things but they do give away free stuff that is nice. Thanks IK!
  19. https://zero-g.co.uk/collections/on-offer/products/ethera-evi-2-0 A great deal. Too bad I can't buy it without gaining more debt.
  20. Tempting but with all of the soft synths I have they don't eat up 50GB of space.
  21. How so? Either way it's 30% off.
  22. So do they have the option of installing sample content on a different drive?
  23. That happened to me and now I have more plugins than I will ever need. I miss my voucher and then I don't. All that needs to happen now is Waves starts the $19 plugins.
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