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  1. Not really a fan of something called Komplete that has non NI stuff
  2. If you compare it to Reaper yes. Other DAWs no.
  3. While I spend more time in Live and FL, Bandlab is still great. I haven't done anything in it, I use it to audition synth presets and midi files. I'm a fan of the Creative Sauce channel.
  4. No. I always get this incorrect login. I have to open Epic for it to work. Plenty of page on Google about this.
  5. Epic sucks trying to log in via web browser.
  6. Libraries developed for KONTAKT have no limit.
  7. Nope. You confuse Kontakt with Kontakt Player.
  8. Not me. Soundpaint only allows 2 activations where you can slap the Kontkat version on every machine in the house.
  9. My truck said it needed $1600 of CC Debt. Reality says pass since I spend more time with FL and Live. I have yet to learn most of S1 5.
  10. Are there legal copies of Mine Kahmp around these days? I mispelled it intentionally. I've become a history buff. Sometimes those things reveal patterns to be careful of. If one is to say they are fascinated with something people assume it's approved instead of being astounded that something like that happened. Look how we have to word something instead of being direct.
  11. Despite being Apogee kinda pricey for what it is. Glad they finally discovered the PC market.
  12. Too bad their crap licensing overshadows the quality of their plugins.
  13. They seem to have plenty of knee jerk reactions and label things as a no brainer. I tend to trust opinions here.
  14. I'd file this one under meh. Maybe I've listened to too much opera in my lifetime but the upper range sounds really, really, odd.
  15. I wasn't planning on spending $8 for an EQ. So it's an easy pass since due to too much stuff.
  16. https://cinematictools.com/zenith/
  17. I find myself playing games at least a decade old. Some of the longer running franchise games do not require boutique hardware to run.
  18. I think Waves sent me a deal to move up 2 slots on their bundles for $100. What I have is already overwhelming to buy anymore plugins. It's real easy to neglect what is included in a DAW. I'm finding that Live Suite you don't really need any. When FL Studio does a new release there's some more plugins added. I don't even waste time downloading free ones. The last one I bought was the recent Arturia effect only because I'm a fanboy. The market has gotten so huge.
  19. These were radio commercials. I always enjoyed them. The real men of genius is who created these.
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