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  1. MF would only give me 5% off and instead of getting a code to paste in the order I would have to give the person in chat all of my info. That's too much typing for me.
  2. Not really when you might end up using 3 of them. I have trouble remembering 26 libraries in my Kontakt collection. This wouldn't help.
  3. Nice option is if you delete them you can download them again or archive them on a portable drive.
  4. I have the previous version of Komplete and I've purchased enough 3rd party libraries I have to consider what I really don't need to free up space. The nice thing is if you remove some libraries you can download them again. Always wondering what other users have removed. I removed Most of the Abbey Road Drums - got enough drum sets with XLN, Toontrack Symphony Essentials - except woodwind, percussion. ??? to remove Not sure Session Strings Pro 2 is needed. Bot enough strings All Scarbee libraries except guitar Of course when you go through these you think "oh maybe I should keep it installed". As for pianos I have enough Sampletekk, not sure most of the NI ones are worth keeping that existed in previous versions of Komplete.
  5. Sometimes we treat that forum as the final authority on any library. There is no doubt a bias against KH libraries. Some of them get paid for their work and I get that. Interesting though is if a developer comes out with (insert any name) Strings they often ooh and ah. One developer pointed that out when he make a cinematic or trailer library whatever. The wheel can only be invented so many tines and it takes a while for a hobbyist to figure that out. Interesting once when Hans Zimmer Strings came out a guy made a 4 hour video on it and was expecting it to be more "Hans Zimmer" and Hans came on the forum and insulted him. Hollywood ego at best. I think that library was $700. Never mind that the guy wasn't thanked for buying it.
  6. Not for me and I subscribe with multiple email accounts. Got any codes?
  7. You use to see 10-15% off purchases at Musicians Friend and Guitar Center. I thought I would use that to buy a Reason upgrade on one of their cards.
  8. At this rate you can own everything.
  9. It's already in my account.
  10. Those prices are listed at 40% off. Now if it were 40% off those prices I'm in.
  11. I have Melda's MXXX and I could probably go crazy with it. Those PA vouchers seem to always push you over the edge.
  12. I understand what Kenny is saying. To bad you can't just download the update as oppose to the whole program.
  13. I like how Arturia does it. You can download via their app or download them from the website. This is the only thing I don't like about KV331.
  14. Got it as well. Not sure this outside of sound design it's really that useful.
  15. Thoughts on this? At least it's not another yada yada eq, channel strip, or compressor plugin.
  16. You have the presets. There is only 50 of them. There are no other soundsets from that author in the shop. I wonder if KV331 gaurds you against making a duplicate purchase of soundsets.
  17. I'd say so. FL is one of the most popular DAWs out there. There is n insane amount of demos downloaded weekly. It is a very deep DAW. They are far from ever going broke and wont be bought by another company. Unlike Reason they stopped developing instruments and decided to work on the DAW. I've seen people create stuff other than the usual EDM stuff. As for Reason they've done very little improving the workflow but they crank out proprietary instruments. Some of their business decisions seem like desperation or managed by a group that is clueless about the market, Look at the direction they've taken from offering a suite for $250 to now a sub model and a significant price increase on upgrades.
  18. They are in there under the author. I didn't see them downloaded.
  19. Still not working for me. Followed the directions on the email. I hate that these are not able to download in your account.
  20. I guess you have to have both. Otherwise not working for me.
  21. Only Live's Suite tops that price. Their next market strategy may be buy R12 then get + free for a year. Not gonna bite on anything like that.
  22. They will probably create 5 nice shiny new instruments before that.
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