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  1. That didn't work. I even went deep into the registry to remove all traces.
  2. They need to mute their Sine Player.
  3. This is the way to go. I have this with MPV and Groove 3.
  4. I wouldn't be surprised if it goes all the way to 33. The pace seems to have picked up since they extended it.
  5. That didn't work either. It works fine on 2 other systems. I usually download on one machine and the others are networked.
  6. I've always wondered what make a drum kit cinematic?
  7. Mine is broken on one system. I get this "well this is awkward". At least you can download your products from their site.
  8. These load quite well on a HDD.
  9. For those who do dance genres two is enough for acoustic drums. I don't have the ears of drummer to know the difference between materials used in kits.
  10. I have to start looking at things from a financial point of view. Our shoes are much different as explained. My last build was a 9900K. It's more than enough. I bought all of the parts during the Covid lockdowns and couldn't build the same specs today at the price. As for PRS I still have an older Santana SE with a wide fat neck. If I were to put down some serious money it would be a PRS. I would have to justify my abilities to be worthy of one.
  11. Not always better either. There's a reason why the GTA and CoD games always sell. They are playable on most systems. I still fail to see the attraction of Fortnie other that is can be played on anything.
  12. Not a fan of auto update while a DAW is still running. I never use that in Live. Reaper is small enough where I don't need this.
  13. Nice that you chime in. I may get all of your plugins someday even though I don't need them. I like the no nonsense gui and willing to trust the end user with no authorization scheme and no installer. I also like you are willing to allow negative reviews on your site. Keep up with the youtube videos. I think that is great marketing. This was the first time I've ever come across this criticism.
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