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  1. I have a Taylor acoustic in the living room, a LP and Tele in another room. Maybe I should start strumming those. With today's DAW technology I should be able to edit the suck out of my playing hopefully.
  2. The Waves without WUP. Pass on this.
  3. Single machine use. 👎 It might as well be Waves. I did not install.
  4. I'm done with Steinberg until they change their licensing.
  5. Does anyone ever bother to update this. It seems there are always issues.
  6. Some DAWs have their own these days. The lowest I've seen on the upgrade was $299.
  7. Funny how FL users are afraid Image-Line is going to go belly up over free lifetime updates. Despite the 30,00+ replies from the IL staff that their model is working users need have this insecurity. If acquired by Gibson then it is time to worry.
  8. Which what I don't want or chance on. I guess I would be looking at M.2 NVME to PCIe Adapter. Otherwise I just may get SATA controller to be on the safe side. instead of these nvme drives,
  9. Like their no nonsense GUI not littered with knobs and sliders. They are easy to use. I like their pitch shifter since it is so easy. Their license is friendly and so is their authorization and installation.
  10. I'm quite ignorant about these type of drives. I would want to get something similar to a SATA controller to use them. Because of their size they would seem ideal to add on additional drives.
  11. I find it odd that presets exist for pattern generators and originally $145.
  12. I should have avoided this thread since I'm a sucker for these. Bought! This was also the worst way of downloading those files. Shame on you Loot Audio.
  13. I removed all traces of UVI. I never used the stuff I had and gained 18gb of space to acquire more stuff I will probably ever use.
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