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  1. Studio One extra license of Sylenth
  2. Ton = also referring to drive space needed.
  3. Right now there's a lot of disappointment on the Celemony FB page. https://www.facebook.com/Celemony/
  4. They now punish people for skipping upgrades. They are the Magix wannabe in being a money pit.
  5. I'm tired of hard drive bloat especially drums. Audio developers are getting as bad a game developers.
  6. It makes more sense to buy a piece at a time direct and the 70% discount.
  7. So how many of you already messed up?
  8. I found not click the upgrade part and it works.
  9. Now I have "This upgrade needs to be processed on my.presonus.com. Maybe server is bogged but this is the worst authorization process of any DAW I have.
  10. If you purchased an Update/Upgrade, please log into your account, select the menu on top, then the version you want to update/upgrade. Now click and enter the product key (serial number) we delivered. I'm on my S1 v4 page and there is no update or upgrade link. Am I that stupid or is this one of the worse C/R authorizations ever?
  11. https://www.howtogeek.com/701733/can-you-run-windows-software-on-an-m1-mac/
  12. I really don't see how one would need this using a DAW like Bandlab. It would be handy for a DAW like FL, Live, and Reason where you can't audition midi files,
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