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  1. Miroslav has the better licensing. No dongle needed.
  2. Peavey' licensing sucks. Definite black list for me.
  3. Well so much for that. I had Spark Dubstep and there was a crossgrade for Spark 2 for $20 and it came with no iLok nonsense. So I went for that.
  4. So what did you all get. I want all of them. I keep forgetting what a gem Analog Lab is and don't use it.
  5. Same here. The only bummer about the Exponential Audio products is they need iLok and the option is the dongle or one machine. As for Izotope stuff they can be install on multiple machines.
  6. I am so predictable. I must be an IK fanboy.
  7. O-n t-h-e f-e-n-c-e. I'm somewhat of an IK fanboy despite remembering to use their stuff.
  8. I fell off. Resizable GUI did it for me. Plus I'm a fanboy of their stuff.
  9. Why? I have CE and don't really use it. It seems you have to work at it to sound playable. I'm thinking of getting it so I can say the same thing.
  10. Paul Young

    iRig Keys I/O 25

    3 stars - never fond of an all in one unit by any manufacturer. Unfortunately to run devices on iPads you need a newer one.
  11. I do get it. They've probably had more support request for picking the wrong one. So has anyone decided what to do with the choices that have everything. I'm thinking of another copy of Lursen for machine 3 and 4.
  12. If I only had those problems. Usually the updates break my home network. Reverting to previous install is the only solution. So far none of them have made it to where I can't use my M-Audio PCI cards. Usually the network sharing is broken in the (f)updates.
  13. If they do that in the future you wont have to pay for it. Melda has lifetime upgrades.
  14. Even at $14.99 I've added enough EQs. Last month I acquired every EQ from IK.
  15. Plus the updates are not incremental. You have to DL the whole 9gb.
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