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  1. So this is another click and pay app?
  2. which is great for me since I wont be buying too much DAW stuff
  3. Well I'm gonna stick to my theory people just aint buying certain stuff anymore no matter what those stats say. Collecting the "oh but it's awesome eq" to go with the other 47 I have is now a luxury. Maybe just maybe I realize I have too much stuff and would take 7 lifetimes to learn how to use any of it. Then...........I thought about getting Tantra..........BUT I can't get it for $10............THEN I realize I can do the same thing in Live and probably those Cable Guys plugins I haven't used.
  4. I think a lot of developers are rethinking their strategy these days. See the recent 8DIO sales? The world economy is not good right now and even some major retailers had to lay off workers because such things like TVs are now a luxury to upgrade. Some rethink what the hurt in $10 here or there. I worry about place like Guitar Center or Sam Ash closing up and also those manufacturers have to limit production because of lack of sales. The new business model with the vouchers hurt PA.
  5. Eventually it sinks in that the listener who isn't into high fidelity and their only experience in music is listening that these don't matter. It does only with paying clients. They probably aren't really any different than that listener but believe 2nd hand information. People will debate all day about having the best is necessary to justify having a 40GB boomwhacker library.
  6. I've learned the hard it's more convenient to have the dongle. There's no fun in contacting developers to reset your license.
  7. They still have a large pro user base.
  8. How many deals have passed that seem to resurface? Once in a lifetime deal is now a naive thought.
  9. I posted this as well. I didn't see it.
  10. https://www.musicradar.com/news/pro-tools-intro-free-daw?utm_term=0DF43CE8-F433-42DB-AB57-C96579DCD55F&utm_campaign=0205D92E-E67C-43E4-B0CF-F6FEA0D1AF4F&utm_medium=email&utm_content=183E0186-5052-48B3-AC65-86B574AA99DB&utm_source=SmartBrief
  11. Nope I ignored. Inflation even makes DAW stuff a luxury. Food and fuel are priorities. Being a diabetic budget foods like pasta and rice are off the list. I have to search for deals like whole wheat bread, eggs, and poultry products. If I didn't have Neo which I thought was a bargain at $49 I would have bought it. Too much stuff on my drive that I might have opened a few times. I don't even bother with free stuff. If that would only transfer to avoiding the 9 packs for $9.
  12. I guess I'm supposed to be pissed because I bought it for over $100 at one time. This is a nice library for the sale price.
  13. Not really a fan of something called Komplete that has non NI stuff
  14. If you compare it to Reaper yes. Other DAWs no.
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