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  1. Almond milk is only good for weight loss and fart free. I went back to low fat milk for smoothies because it has protein, Almond milk only has a gram of protein and one carb so it's not so great for a diabetic.
  2. I'm down to 182lbs. !0 years ago I was 280. 7 months later I' still trying to get back upper body strength and my abs are still weak. I have caffeine free diet Coke which taste good but I hardly touch it. I drink more flavored waters and decaf tea. Plus I drink a glass of red wine every other day. Most of my snacks are unsalted almonds and walnuts.
  3. One still has to have some knowledge of an instrument to make it sound authentic.
  4. I got my AC1 down to 5.9. I was taken off of insulin back in August. I got one of those portable pedal bikes to exercise and I walk around the block after supper. Another issue was high blood pressure which is probably hereditary. The nice thing is I only have to check my glucose 6 times a week. My goal is to keep it under 130. My doctor was impressed with my blood test and see him in 6 months. I've had to put some effort in maintaining my health with exercise and diet. Sad that you have to wait for the shit to hit the fan to take action. Going to the grocery store can seem like the land of depravity. No need to walk down the cereal or candy aisle with death staring at you. I still go down those aisles. It's like looking up an old girlfriend just to see how she looks. I also have nueropathy which I probably had for 10 years. That was probably hereditary and diabetes made it worse. I spent 6 weeks with no medication for it. I have to take 4 pills for it with 2 at night. Gabapentim can also create Dimentia but it's either that or a load revolver to solve the pain. That bad thing is when my blood sugar went down from 600+ the neuropathy is also in my right hand pinky and the finger next to it. They move fine but they are numb. This creates a problem playing a flute since your pinky helps balance it and there are times certain notes will almost cause it to roll out of my hands. I also started exercising with a fitness ball. The biggest challenge is not to roll of it.
  5. I still have WD and Seagate HDD that are still working almost 10 years. I'd be afraid to invest in a 2TB SSD. Computer hardware prices are higher these days. The best deals always seem to be the 500gb SSDs. If I was wise enough to delete most of the sample stuff I never use I could probably get by easily with 4 500gb SSDs. Developers are into bloat these days even the OS.
  6. The best Bandlab videos are Why pay for them?
  7. There's always this love/hate relationship with IK. I somehow end up having a lot of their stuff and rarely use it because I forget it's there. I can't stand Waves or Steinberg because they have the worst user friendly agreements.
  8. This thread strayed in the wrong direction.
  9. A lot of developers look at it that way. So many of the user base is delusional. I guess their false sense of arrogance comes from by using Linux they are giving the middle finger to Apple and MS. They sit in the pumpkin patch with Charlie Brown waiting for Linux to rise above the ashes from the great war between Apple and MS.
  10. Less instability issues on a console compared to a PC.
  11. I do far more gaming than guitar playing but I'd go with a PRS.
  12. Got this and Serum, Phase Plant, Syntronix Deluxe in less than 2 months time. Synths acquired 4, Projects used or created O.
  13. LOL how many have been told this for generations? Let's also look at gaming prices. Instead of complete games the offer download content. One could almost pay $100 for a deluxe edition. Game developers are into drive bloat. A 1TB OS drive is almost needed for gaming. Game developers are the worst out there. I avoided a lot of games because you needed a modern video card. Meanwhile all of my modern DAW software can still run on a AP2496. Some of my favorite games were developed during the XP era. You could also do what young generations never hear and that is tell them NO! Also consider a console.
  14. I just bought the upgrade to deluxe 2 days ago for $20.
  15. They added some new libraries made by Spitfire. That's kinda tempting to go with the Suite again but Sampler is annoying when one is use to Kontakt.
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