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  1. Same here but I realized I never bothered with the NI one or the Sonokentic strings.
  2. They were in serious financial trouble. They bought Cakewalk in hopes of gaining more income. People hadn't forget about the other software they sunk.
  3. I'm finding that hard to believe. What make, model, and year? I miss the older smaller trucks like the S10, Ranger. I have a 99 Sonoma with 250K miles. Once you go truck it's hard to go back to a car.
  4. Your post verges on the no politics allowed. Fuel prices do raise the price of everything. I do wonder about the sales of instruments in general. We have a everything easy no work necessary culture and it's less hassle to buy some earbuds and listen to stuff on a phone. Some musicians like to blame it on DAWs but even that takes a lot of time and financial investment. I think we have become lazy. Were I live it's more evident in the wind instrument world. I guess Gibson has improved in their quality control.
  5. I remember their SUB series which was an affordable MIA line they had to drop because of costs. I did score a reduced SUB 5 bass for $500 over 10 years ago. These might be collector items. It's like wearing a railroad tie.
  6. That didn't happen to me. The installer will have replace or now folder. It's a bloated DAW anyway. I learned not to use any large folders in the browser since it will increase the sise of the db file
  7. How many EQs does one need? I need to get far enough in a project to use a latest and greatest, makes all the difference EQ
  8. I'm getting to dislike modern gaming and appreciate these type of games. Modern game developers are not very good. Franchise games are getting worse. I doubt developers ever play games. A 500gb OS drive is almost tool small for gaming. Next is the boutique requirements. Not everyone spends the day in their underwear playing games in 4k with their 4 digit price video card. The last modern game I bought was the newest Hitman which still requires 70gb. Some of the franchise games like GTA, CoD, Assassin's Creed are developed for the average system. There is a new STALKER coming out and the requirements are not for even my system.
  9. Free games are often posted on here.
  10. I bought their latest fx package when it was $99. I assume that's why mine was lower.
  11. I did for 129. I needed more softsynth confusion in my life. That vocoder one is really interesting.
  12. How many developers ever update previous versions? I assume they also do this since not everyone buys the collection.
  13. Lots of knobs. I'm too stupid for this.
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