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  1. A major - . Who wants to buy an iLok upgrade when iLok 2 requirements are plentiful. I may be guessing but this comes across as someone worried more about protecting the product over improving it. Let's see Boz, IK, and many other developers.....no iLok.
  2. It's kinda like Izotope. It's a waiting game.
  3. I've been eyeing this because it has midi content. https://www.functionloops.com/lofi-soul--jazz.html
  4. Is there a better deal from 3rd party?
  5. No. Play 5 will work just fine.
  6. There's no point in buying upgrades.
  7. Easy when one starts to look at their "too many plugins" collection.
  8. BWT can the OP edit the topic to NO waves $50 coupon?
  9. I believe it is in the hardware section in Windows. You would also see it in a DAWs audio driver section.
  10. This is one of those apps be sure to delete if you don't have Soundgrid. It's like NI always installing their driver just in case you happen to go their audio interface.
  11. The above solution from IK support worked. I had to clear all settings let it search then add the paths again. For some odd reason the path in users/public/documents/ is like a make link (hard to explain) I originally installed the content next to the ST3 folder.
  12. Probably a lot of stuff I don't understand. I wish I were that deep into the program.
  13. No replies to the original? Well I guess this for $8 is worth posting again.
  14. It appears SampleTank 4 is not recognizing the Library file install. Let's try the following to fix it: - Open SampleTank 4 Standalone - Go to SETTINGS > Sound Content - Remove all the directories shown there - Click on Rebuild Database You should see it all empty. - Now restart the app After restarting, SampleTank 4 will look for the install paths. This essentially resets where SampleTank 4 "looks" for library info. This might work.
  15. https://8dio.com/instrument/supercluster/ Didn't see this posted here. It's hard to believe with all of the programming involved this is only $8.
  16. In no hurry to install Kontakt 6 player.
  17. I tried that. We'll see.
  18. Sometimes that's not a bad thing. I hardly use the ones I have or can't remember which ones. Often you buy them because they are cheap only to bloat your VST scan. I bought their drum placer for $9 and when do I ever need one and I also have Slate's and Cakewalks. Most of the time you look at the $ amount and make pointless choices.
  19. Done. Their solution did not work. I was told to enter the serial again, no change. I'd like to see in ST4 what these sounds are that take up 30gb of space.
  20. If you have lots of IK stuff this ALL sale means Do Not Buy. Far better bargains will come.
  21. Found out the new sounds are not listed under ST4 in the browser. Clicking the lock sends you to buy ST4. Can't they list the new ST4 sounds in the ST4 browser?
  22. Now sounds downloaded with ST4 SE are locked. Support ticket sent.
  23. Lack of in depth tutorials really hold these back from being popular. There is Chandler's youtube channel that's helpful. Sometimes VSTBuzz or APD will also have a sale on Melda stuff. I got their super duper compressor and delay for $99.
  24. It's that way for me when I opened them up in Reaper to check which ones are demos. I got this bundle to put on two older machines even though I have TR5 on my two other machines. I thought I could mess up my licenses by refreshing my gear and have the two old machines using up my TR5 licenses. I know there can be 10 authorizations but the way Windows is going with their upgrades I've had to deal with reauthorizations of some software. So far that hasn't been the case with IK. Give MS a chance and they may break that too. BTW has anyone ever used up 10 authorizations? Is support good at handling that? I doubt that will happen to me since I have multiple licenses. Also this was a nice gesture of IK giving this deal. I also now have ST4. Does ST4 overwrite ST3? Do I make a separate folder for ST4 sounds?
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