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  1. So you're saying I have a chance?
  2. I used the code and I'm still awaiting the arrival of my tacos.
  3. AAS used to be good at letting you sub duplicate packs for ones you don't own. Does anyone know if they're offering that with this bundle? Even if they don't, there are two up for grabs I don't have, so $10 apiece isn't the worst price.
  4. I feel like that's true of about 91.6% of the instruments I buy.
  5. That was my thought as well, but for the life of me I couldn't find the upgrade on their site. Might be all the cold meds in my system.
  6. I actually made a spreadsheet that lists all of their instruments, number of parts and programs (both UDS and not), cost per part/program and how much i want it on a scale of 1-3. Then i listed any hidden gems i know of. I've probably spent more time arranging this list than I have playing the instruments. 😄
  7. I believe all sound packs require the full Cube to work. It might still work to grab it and download it for later if you haven't fully Cubed out yet.
  8. For half a second I thought, "They already released Pigments V???"
  9. AFAIK it's a generic code and not a custom one. Not sure if it's allowed but if it is, I or someone else can post the code.
  10. They have some Kontakt libraries but they don't sell individual instruments for those. Only the Sine player libraries.
  11. Anyone have any recommendations on individual instruments to check out?
  12. I chose that one as well! Hopefully I'll get around to using it before the freebie next year!
  13. I was googling this last night to see if there was going to be a freebie or not this year. Thanks!
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