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  1. Steve Madden

    Mixcraft 10

    I swore by Mixcraft for years before finally getting into Studio One. There are a few things I miss about MC (it seemed easier to jump in and sketch things out, for instance) but haven't really looked back unless I'm dealing with some old projects.
  2. Since the UDS and SDS are both showing 22GB, I'm guessing that's an error. Though I wouldn't expect it to get down into the sub GB range. A few of the instruments on their site do, but not many.
  3. I was only pointing out that the title didn't match the price listed. I wasn't commenting on the value of it. I believe that's up to the individual and how they'll use the library.
  4. The standard edition that was just released is actually $20. The $40 price point is for the UDS version.
  5. I want to agree with you but also, it's been 8 years since I released my last book. Time just has a way of slipping by.
  6. Agreed, but doesn't Best Services have loyalty points of a sort as well?
  7. You're going to quietly pass on this one?
  8. I can see that, and honestly, I wouldn't be all that surprised to see them backpedal on offering deals. 8dio is one of the "dealsiest" vendors I know and it's hard to believe they'll hold this stance forever. The difference, I think, is they have a bunch of libraries they've sampled for 8dio they're now converting over to Soundpaint. I would think the biggest cost associated would be time spent. That, plus the fact they're not paying kontakt licensing fees on these products, makes me think they could very well stick to their guns. They still have sales available through 8dio, so that might be enough to scratch their sales itch.
  9. Does that mean you think the library is worth less than $50? I understand the appeal of looking for deals (I mean I am here, after all) but I have to say this no pressure, no FOMO approach has been nice for me.
  10. If I remember correctly, the code they give you has a limited time frame where it works, but you can reach out after it expires at any time and they'll generate a new code for you. Haven't had to do it myself, so apologies if I'm giving bad info.
  11. I swear the title read Burned Nipple Gongs. Either that or I need more coffee.
  12. The standard edition is 23 something GB. I have yet to see a good comparison to determine if the UDS versions are worth the extra money/ hard drive space.
  13. The total bundle is pretty much just the cost of all the available titles at the time. There more for convenience than savings. If they don't detour from their current stance in the future, the prices are fixed and won't ever go on sale. The deals-seeker in me doesn't know what to make of it but it's been nice knowing I can put off picking up what I don't immediately need, without fear of missing out.
  14. Ever see a deal so good you think, "That's a no-brainer!" Then when your brain actually does kick in, you realize you bought it awhile ago?
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