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  1. Watch the picture When I click the "update" button It says download(0/0) When I click "settings" and back,It does not any text When I reinstall the Cakewalk,It`s so slow and then It`s not working(download)
  2. Emmmmm, I am a user of Fabfilter users and Image-Line effects plugins. These effects feel that the UI is comfortable (even if Image-Line plugin effects have not been updated for a long time), but I think BandLab can develop VSTi effects plugins. Come embedded in SONAR
  3. Hello, I am a student from China, music producer and CbB user. I think Cakewalk's built-in effects (Sonitus: fx Suite) UI is very classic, but for some young music producers, this design seems a bit old. Because some of my friends use Cubase, Ableton, FL and Studio One native effects plug-ins, I also tried to get started with these hosts, I feel that these host plug-in interfaces are not so awkward. So I want to suggest to the CbB development team to upgrade the Sonitus plugin suite for CbB. Of course, it’s also a good idea to have new effects to coexist with Sonitus. (Translate From Google Translate)
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